Wednesday, March 31, 2004

today is a new day--

well, duh.
what's it going to be--an old recycled one??


so i was cooking breakfast this morning, 8-ish.
and in through the front door walks hubby!
he wasn't due back until late afternoon, but there he was.
so we laid in bed all morning, making out between wrestling with the kids.
and then it was naptime for the boys and we got to finish what we started.
and daaaaaaaamn did he give the pool boy a run for his money.
no, it's true--we have pictures to prove it.
he jokingly asked if i was planning to post them here, since I'm always posting pictures of stuff in my life...
i said, "sure!"
and he quickly recanted.
damn him.
you guys are missing out, though.

but you know what?
i'm sick of talking about sex for a while, so let's talk about the weather.
it was a beautiful day...
some clouds in the sky.
one of them looked like a giant penis.
i guess I'm Freud's wet dream.

speaking of ole Siggy...
i had a rather cuckoo bloggerific dream last night...
in which a man showed up at my house, claiming to be one of YOU folks and causing all sorts of trouble.
i have a feeling this was a direct result of all my "pool boy" talk yesterday.
it was really funny, though.


I'm hungry.

and it's almost time to go to the Real World...Blogger Style hot tub!!
so if anyone's reading this, come join us!!
it's sure to be a barrell of slut-talking fun!
and could i use a few more exclamation points in this paragraph?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dork wad.
anyway, i'm really excited for the hot tub, because that's what prompted me to join the house to begin with...
and i haven't really been around much lately.
i miss those guys.

also, is anyone else weirded out by the fact that i've switched from morning posts to evening posts?
i mean, if this was the daily paper, you'd be a little inconvenienced by it, i imagine.
ooh--and just think: if this was the daily paper, wouldn't your dog have a nicer place to shit?
i mean really.
all dogs should have words this obnoxious to piss on.
anyway, i'm sure i'll be back to morning posts soon enough.
...i'm sure you'll all rest better knowing that.

pizza's here!!
(shut the fuck up. at least it's just my diet i'm cheating on!!)

**pst--just hopped on the Buzznet bandwagon, check me out...

kids have been ornery all day, so i indulged them with being rocked to sleep while i sang...
well, if you'd heard me sing, you'd understand that this was a good punishment for their grumpiness!!
they are my babies so they don't know that my pitch is off or i miss a few notes every bar or so...
and it calmed them so that they could wind down a little better and go to sleep.
poor little poops needed it.
but I was laughing at my playlist...
Puff the Magic Dragon--Peter, Paul & Mary
Wish You Were Here--Pink Floyd
The Queen and the Soldier--Suzanne Vega
that last song is so beautiful, i absolutely love it.
if you're not familiar with it, and you're into such things, i recommend a download.
the last line is "the queen went on strangling in the solitude she preferred--and the battle continued on."
so as i finished tucking them in and was closing the door...
Max said, "Mom? will the battle go on?"
way to teach 'em about the ugliness of the world.
go me!

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