Sunday, March 07, 2004


i've posted more this weekend than i have on a weekend in months.
what's the matter with me?
aw, shut up, i know it's a long list, you can bend over and i'll shove that prissy little list of yours right up your---
don't know what got into me.

I have the evening to myself and I’m so excited, but I don’t know where to start!!!
I want to relax, I want to write, I want to read I want to watch a movie!!
There’s not really time to do all of those things, so I of course headed for the puter first.
when i finish here, i'll put the birthday cake in to bake for tomorrow's family dinner...
then i'll fill my (old lady alert!!) foot spa with some nice soaky stuff and toss a coin to decide whether i'll read or watch a movie.
nope, nevermind.
watching that infernal box of shit doesn't appeal to me in the least.
i started a good book today.
it was due a week ago, and i finally started it.
i got a little overzealous...
checked out 3 books, but didn't start any of them because i also bought Stephen King's On Writing: a memoir of the craft, and that's been my focus...
weird how unappealling tv seems to me when i'm alone.
perhaps because it's all i'm fucking allowed to do when i'm NOT alone.
which is 99.999% of the time.
that i'm not alone, that is.
and i'm not really complaining, i'm just pointing out what a ridiculously rebelious nature i sometimes have.
silly girl.

i was just over at The Pissed Kitty, and i would recommend the whole "run, don't walk" thing.
get your asses over there and check out her hotness.
also, she recommended a site which, upon inspection, is freaking fantastic.
so, like, go there and stuff.
i hate it when i forget to smoothly add the link.
go to Bad Mamma Jamma.
you won't be sorry.
or, if you are sorry, it's not MY fault, it just means you have bad taste.
you dumb fuck.

one week from RIGHT NOW i will be thrashing out to the gods of rock.
i just shuddered with joy/excitement/delirium/etc....
and let's not forget Godsmack, the openers.
i'm listening to St. Anger right now.
Okay, do you know how hard it is to head bang with headphones on while sitting at a computer???
now just my ass is dancing!!!
can't...not...rock out....
must head bang....

okay, it passed, i'm back.

guess what I’m going to do as soon as I get around to it???
Just guess.
I’m so fucking excited.
I’m going to pierce my nose.
Fuckin’ A!
see, I’ve always hated my nose.
Junior high?
It was my absolute worst nightmare to have someone see me from the side...
So, the fear and loathing of the nose faded a bit with every year.
and finally it was gone altogether.
but it had crept away so slowly that I didn’t notice it was gone…
when I thought of piercing something the other day it just struck me and I couldn’t stop smiling and I had that giddy feeling in the pit of my stomach.
You know the one.
And so…I am just fucking chomping at the bit to get myself into a place to have it done.
I sort of want to do it on my 29th birthday to symbolize the last year in my 20’s etc blah blah blah.
But that’s a few months away…
I doubt I can wait that long.
I have about as much patience, well, those people who are well known for their lack of patience?
damn i hate it when i start an analogy and can't finish it.
did you ever notice that analogy starts with anal?
food for thought...
i have as much patience as a groom on his wedding night--well, in the old days at least.
now, no one's a virgin. puh-leez.

and to those of you out there leaving anonymous comments: quit it.
i love hearing from you, but i hate not knowing who you are!!!!!

oh yeah, and i forgot the coolest thing!!!
on Google, at least today, i'm the first on the list if you search for Bored Housewife.
i'm silly stoked.
of course, that's just bringing more porn searchers, but hey, lots of cool people search for porn, so maybe some of them will stay.
and trust me, some of the search words are rather interesting...

oh and here's a picture from last night, it didn't come out very good, as far as quality, but i like it anyway.
that's my cowboy shirt.

and my cleavage....
damn, i'm slutty.

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