Saturday, March 13, 2004

notes while driving (er...riding)

I have always loved the way you dip down into Arizona for a brief moment on the journey south, like a hand into a pool. I wonder, if had grown up here, would I have misinterpreted ariaona’s size so gravely as I did new hampshire’s as a child, in the backseat of a car, heading south. “mom what state are we in?” and developing an image of n.h. as the tiniest little state ever, only to be corrected when in some grade I learned that Rhode island was the smallest. Being a know it all, this was hard to swallow.

I get carsick from not loking out the window, so I’m typing this without looking.
We just had lunch at this little Mexican place which looked quite nice, but the food was pretty un-noteworthy, bleeding into poor.

I look out over the scrub oak covered mountain sides with the red sand varely visible beneath. And I wonder if there are rattlesnakes and praire dogs which fall under my line of vision. I wonder how many lizards there are.

Wow, from 79 to 83 degrees in about five miles of southern travel. And we’re still about 85 miles north of las vegas. Wow. Glad I brought summer clothes. The sky is a much paler shade of blue than it tends to be most days in utah. It probably means something, meteorologically. I love this little catus tree things….i really love this dessert place, it is remarkable to me, still. Where are all my pines, oaks, moss ferns granite, ponds lakes streams rivers? This land is stark and rugged, and yet somehow the people are not.
The harsh yet softer beauty of new England produces such people as once settled this land. Perhaps I live in the city of this place and to meet. those with true grit and guts I would have to spend time in one of the desolate outposts.

I love this spot. There are visible dust storms over crop fields, look like small tornados. Perhaps they are watering, or perhaps there is just an isolated whirl of wind there. And an oasis, which must surely be a golf course, because what else is green and lush in this desert? Beautiful even if it is wasteful. Oh. Hubby golfed there. This is Mesquite, Nevada. It’s only an hour closer to us than las vegas is, put it is appealing as well for its cheaper prices. There’s the virgin river convention center and hotel. Which was closed the last time we were here. oddly. It looks new enough, but there was a chain across the parking lot entrance, we never figured it out…. Oooh, a carnival. A little fair, what is it? It’s 1:30 on a Saturday and it looked deserted, although I can’t be sure now. so many new homes under construction. They are growing apparently. Beginning to get nauseous anyway. Eyes not on a distant enough horizon.
Um. God damn. Just noticed that our driver is reading a magazine. That’s just greaaaaaaat. His wife is doing homework, my husband is sleeping, and you all know what I’m doing. Well, with my right hand at least…

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