Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I'm trying not to....But I think I have to say....

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

I fought it, I really did.
but since I'm half Irish/half nerd...
well, it was inevitable.
I used to love St. Patrick's Day...
but now?
there is little or no difference between it and any other day.

I guess I better find something green to wear to the gym...
I don't have any green gym clothes.
I do have a green thong, but I believe I've already discussed the pros and cons of wearing one of those to work out.
my nose ring.
stupid thing is green.
why I didn't stick to my guns and get a clear one is beyond me.
oh what am I bitching about?
I like it just the way it is. sniff. Don't ever change, man!

I had a kooky "Dennis Miller is in my zoology class" dream last night...
I think I would actually take a zoology class if Dennis Miller was in it.
Hell, I would sign up for Fear Factor: the snake edition if Dennis Miller was the host.
(pst--can you see I'm trying to make myself use the shift key?)
I love that man.
in every possible definition of love.
he is god.

okay that's enough of that I guess.

it's a beautiful world.
time to plant some flowers.
only the city isn't turning on our outside water until April 15th.
don't they know we need to water now??
we aerated and fertilized, but there's no water.
oh well.
it's still a beautiful world.

it would be a little more beautiful if I had some eggs in the fridge.
guess i could go lick the floor in the boys' room.

It occurred to me the other day, that I have truly lost my ability to mutli-task.
There was once a time when I could read a book, watch a tv show, and follow a conversation all at the same time.
Or talk on the phone to my Mom for an hour, while baking a new and glorious dessert, without skipping a beat.
I cannot even talk and take a piss at the same time.
i'm not kidding.
i can barely walk and chew gum.
okay, okay, i can do that.
and i'm still better at multi tasking than my husband.
but it really worries me that i can't pee if i'm talking--what kind of weird malfunction is THAT??

I wish i was going to a small pub in Boston to drink green beer.
but i'm not.
i'm sitting home alone while my husband goes to salt lake to do something with his 7 year old.
which is good.
hell, maybe i'll even get some writing done.
and i do have some beer, and some green food coloring.
so maybe i'll dress in green, drink my beer and do the irish jig.
don't you wish i had a webcam? =)

have a happy green filled day, everyone.
and no irish jokes, or i'll kick your ass.
(okay, probably i would just laugh)

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