Monday, March 15, 2004

godsmack. metallica.


what can i say?
it was so fucking amazing.
we were on the rail, we could see the whites of their eyes, etc.
i'm going to try to tell about the evening in an orderly fashion, so let me back up...

so first we got all dressed up (there are pictures, but they're on our companion's camera so they'll be posted later)
she did my makeup, since i don't usually wear any, and it looked pretty damn great.
then we headed out to grab a quick dinner, got a little lost, so ended up making it even quicker (In n Out)
then we headed for the venue, got in line and waited.
and waited.
then we were in.
and bam, we found a spot on the rail.
and the stage was set up as a theater in the round, which was probably good for the people in the upper seating.
but i hated it.
you could only see one musician at a time, and sometimes none.
especially when that big guy got in front of me...
anyway, so we found our spot.
and waited.
and waited.
then godsmack was on...
and they were great, but did anyone else know how freakishly short they are???
not a one over 5'5", if they're even close!
and the drummer could not have weighed more than 50 pounds--what's up heroin addict?
they put on a good show, but like i said, it was a little weird to see only one of them at a time.
in fact, i was really disappointed.
it was hard to stay focused because there was not always even one band member in your sight, and they were never all together.
i am holding out hope that the next two shows will be set up differently.
so enough whining.

when Metallica came out i felt like a little kid on christmas morning.
i thought i was going to burst from sheer bliss.
and they were everything i thought they would be and more.
they have so much energy and presence....
i don't know how they do it, night after night, for weeks or months on end.
it reminds me that being a rock star is not all fun and games and licking coke off a stripper's ass, you know?
speaking of strippers...
we were planning to hit a strip club after the show, but pansies that we are...
we were too tired.
and one of our group was so wasted that he fell asleep on the ride back to the hotel and would have never made it.
so we changed into some comfortable clothes (note to self: just wear the god damn comfortable clothes next time! who do you think you are, one of the Banger Sisters??) and went to eat.
back to the show--
during godsmack there was a pit of a mosh pit on one side, which i was itching to join.
i used the "don't want to lose my place" excuse, but i am afraid there was a bit of real hesitation.
oh well...
about 3/4 of the way through Metallica, some bitch tried to shove her way in front of our group and we all sort of banded together and said, basically, "fuck off".
which reminds me of how polite and considerate people were, in general.
i mean, we got all cozy with the people around us and were all about watching each other's backs--you gotta pee? your spot will be here when you get back.
it was kind of surprising.
they played for so long, not long enough, never long enough, but it seemed to be longer than average.
and honestly i can't believe i don't have more to say, or more passion for what i'm saying.
i guess i'm tired.

and freaking sick of waking up to chaos in my house.
so, it is decreed across the land that i shall set my alarm and arise at 7 am in an effort to forestall any further clandestine activities by the midget guerrilla warriors who came forth from my womb.
today it was eggs.
and thanks for taking them into your (carpeted) bedroom to play with instead of the less convenient (linoleum-ed) kitchen.
really, i appreciate it.
it was fun to spend the first hour out of bed slopping eggs and eggshell into a bowl and scrubbing eggs out of the carpet.
lots of fun.
and the best part is, it's all my fault.
i mean what kind of mother doesn't get up before her kids???'
and i'll admit, some days i sort of drag my feet, but today they'd only been up for 15 minutes.
little tasmanian devils.

so anyway...
Sunday we did a little gambling, a little shopping, and of course lots more eating.
we officially were off the atkins thing for the weekend...
gained 4 pounds!
but the good news is, any slight cravings i was having for fries or a burger with a bun or dessert with real sugar?
none of that stuff tasted even half as good as i remembered.
and of course i felt like complete shit after.
which reminds me...
i didn't even drink.
i had two sips of the beer i was holding for my husband, because i was thirsty.
but that was it.
and it felt great.
i don't see the point of being so sloshed you don't remember anything if it's an event that you might want to remember.
a random night out with friends at the local bar?
fine, drink it up, sucker.
but the first time of seeing a band you've worshipped for 12 years?
want to remember that one.
although i'll admit, i did try my damnedest to get a contact high from the kids behind us.
23 and 26.
what am i, a fucking grandma???
besides, i didn't want to be leaving my spot to pee every half hour--and have you seen those stairs you have to climb??
i mean, damn.
i work out, but you wouldn't know it.
well, okay, other people were winded and panting by the time they reached the top, and i was fine, but my legs kept whining up at me, 'we're not at the gym! what the hell do you want from us? we're off the clock, bitch!' stuff like that.

AND when i got home last night and checked my email...
my best friend finally made her plans to come out for a few days.
i cannot wait!!!
she's supposed to be here, going to school, but she took the year off and i've been dying without her.
so, she'll be here April 4th, which is not soon enough!!

okay, so i totally did not accomplish my goal of linear story telling.
oh well.

i'll attempt to write more later, but i have been reminded to work on the damn novel, so i will.
and maybe this time i'll be able to figure out where to take the story....
it has no proper ending.
unless it's going to be a novella.
it's only 200 pages, and i need to take out a few things.
blah blah.
maybe my muse will have some ideas for me....
and yes, i do have a muse.
is that amusing?
hee hee.
my muse is not as dorky as i am, fortunately...
happy monday.

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