Friday, March 19, 2004

just a quickie

heading north, still.
i am not over my amazement at the ability to be connected to the internet while driving.
fuckin' A.

so here's my favorite lil jokey thing, and if you've seen it before, sucks to be you.
read it out loud:


and when you figure it out, i'm confident that you'll agree that I am just that.

when it comes to be a soothing light at the end of your tunnel
it's just a freight train heading your waaaaaay

little No Leaf Clover from my boys, Metallica.
I'm just shy of 24 hours from the second of three shows.
and maybe this time i'll feel it.
i think last time i was wearing too much makeup and too little alcohol.
not so much the wearing on the part of the alocohol, but you know what i fucking mean.
feeling the need to use the fuck word a bit more than usual today.
(don't s-a-y the fuck word, as Becky always says...pst, Hi Becks)
where was i?
well...somewhere between Twin Falls and Boise Idaho....
oh yeah.
i might drink this time.
i'm sort of off alcohol these past few weeks...don't know.
ooooh, yeah, and i don't have a rascally sunburn this time either--that'll help.
AND we're driving tonight so i'll have all of tomorrow to, er, well, at the risk of sounding like that crotchety old lady we all know me to be....i'll have all of tomorrow to REST UP.
that's just fucking pathetic.
that poses an interesting question...
if you're too tired after driving 6 hours, with a sunburn to either A. enjoy the show fully or B. drink ....
are you too damn old to be attempting such ventures???
throw me a frickin' bone, people.
i mean come on!!
i'm not even 29 yet (ironically enough, i hit the 0 first...20, huh? wow i was sure young and fucked in the head....)

i will rock Boise's socks off tomorrow night.
and those Metallica old farts will get tired just watching me.!
damn straight.

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