Saturday, May 31, 2003

I'm such a slacker. getting back from vacation is always a bit of a rough unwinding phase for me...but i think i'm there. I'm watching Legally Blonde--aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr! it's so cute. i just love silly little cute movies sometimes. Heathers was on this morning--i forgot how dark and wonderful that was! jealous much?

I spent a lot of time looking at the dark angry sea while i was home--cuz i love calling it that! such the classic corny description. I came up with another one that's equally trite: The ocean was cold--in temperature and temperament. har. Anyway, the sea was rather dark and angry for most of my visit. Saw some great waves crashing on the Pemaquid Point lighthouse which gives way to deep thoughts...nothing too earth shattering, but i almost figured out the meaning of life.

Got myself a bit of color today. it's about damn time! since we skipped spring this year i'm a little behind. i'm a bit pissed about that, frankly. spring and fall are the only decent seasons in this pathetic place. and now we've skipped the glorious, warm--bearable--days and we've jumped straight to the hotter than hell stay-inside-at-all-costs weather of shitty summer. oh well. At least we have central air. I'm so good at complaining. jeeeez.

never killed that 12 pound spider, either. I kept avoiding it, because i was too scared of it, and now it's gone. oh well. let's just hope that it's not inside the house...

Thursday, May 29, 2003

holy sauna, bat man. i know i've lived here a long time, but i'm still not used to the heinously high summer temperatures. and there's not even any water, you know? like, at least in Maine if you're hot, you go to the beach. bam--problem solved. anyway. my kids keep waking up early, and being ornery all day, so that's nice. i sort of like getting up earlier--yes, i'm feeling alright. it shocks me, though. it's actually cool enough to enjoy the playground before ten in the morning, so it's kind of nice to be up in time to take advantage of that.

feels great to be back at the gym.

When i was home, at the memorial for my grandmother, i saw a lot of cousins and such that i haven't seen in a long time. it was cool, but kind of sad, too. there were 4 little boys that i used to babysit. Two sets of brothers, and the oldest of each set is now 23 years old--all grown up and handsome. Made me so happy to see them, and they said they're working on scallop boats down in New Bedford (like in A Perfect Storm)...and that made me feel proud of them...then someone else said they're into heroin. GOD DAMN it. Now i remember what's wrong with living there--that happens to everyone. They go earn tons of money on those boats, and they put it all up their nose or in their arm or whatever. I can't stop thinking about them. They were my little guys, you know? The one was always such a helpful, good kid, totally a sweetheart. The other was the poster child for planned parenthood--a total hellion and could tell more convincing lies than anyone i've ever met...but still, it proved he was smart and creative and he had a good heart too. I want to go back there and drag them aside and just kick the shit of them or something. ask them what the hell they think they're doing! that's not living. and it's not like there aren't plenty of good examples of why NOT to do drugs in their immediate circle of extended family--a father, an uncle, a cousin, and a few others who have ruined or lost their lives to those very demons these young men are inviting over for afternoon tea. grrrrrrrr.

on that depressing note. i think i'll go. i have to kill a twelve pound spider i found in the garage before i go pick up a babysitter so i can go look at cars...again. i'm not getting my hopes up this time. =)

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Well, i'm back. blaaaah. utah still sucks. the contrasting weather is rather comical, though. it was in the 50's and raining every day i was in Maine, and it's about 100 degrees here right now. for once it doesn't really bother me. i was kind of enjoying it. of course, my house is a luxurious 72, so that helps. Although...the hubby crashed my car yesterday--on his way to drop off HIS vehicle to have the AC fixed. yes, folks, that's right--i'm stuck driving an oven for a couple of days. His brother was driving my car the day he took me to the airport, and crashed it (no damage) and then the day he picked me up from the airport he crashed it himself. sigh. At least he can never make fun of me again for not treating cars well. In fact, that's the second time he's been in an accident in the past two years--both times he rear ended someone who stopped at a GREEN light. or so he says...hmmm....i'm beginning to see a pattern...'s good to be "home". my little rugrats were pretty excited to see me. but my husband took advantage of my absence to give them a haircut...i'm not opposed to haircuts, but he knows i detest the buzz cuts he likes to give them! their hair is too light colored. it does not look good. and their heads aren't favorably shaped to wear such a style--simply put: they look terrible. oh well. they're still my little baby bears.

The visit home was really good. it was relaxing and fun. Got to spend lots of time with my parents and sister--felt a little weird, just the four of us like when we were younger. my dad would say something nit picky to my mom, she would roll her eyes at us, he would catch her exasperated tone and get offended, my sister would attempt to put him in his place, i would tell her to stay out of it....good times. for the record that only happened twice and most of the time we all had a great time. the three of us girls, especially. there was a lot of disturbing extended family stuff, that i'll relate next time.

it's bed time. gotta do jammies....

Friday, May 23, 2003

here i am--in the glorious Maine!! On a g.d. dial up modem--how do people live like this???? Jeeeeeeeeezzzz.......

So when i arrived last night i went straight for my closet, in my old bedroom and dug into the huge box containing all 20 volumes of journals i filled from age 13 to 23 so that i could put the final piece in the puzzle of how i met a certain person, about 7 years ago....and i found the entry fairly quickly, and spent the next hour poring through the journals, reliving my 20th year...good times. FUNNY girl. oh MY god. I mean, really. I was hilarious. i would be like, madly in love with a different guy every 3 days and each one was "definitely it!"--I was giggling at me. I was very dramatic. I am going to take all the journals back to Utah with me and transcribe them onto disc, so they're a little less vulnerable to decay. gooooooood stuff. and maybe, if you're all REAAAALLLLLY lucky, i'll start posting entries occassionally--cuz that be some goooood entertainment. I've actually considered publishing the whole set--"Diary of the Girl Next Door" or "The Fall of a Mormon Teenager"...hee hee. names changed to protect the identities of the innocent...and the GUILTY!! har.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

i am watching American Idol right now. how much ass does Ruben kick????? He is so freaking amazing. that voice. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. oh simon, shut it. anyway. can't wait til tomorrow to find out who wins!! and i am sooooooooo annoyed at whoever it was who asked Carmen stupid ass rasmusen to open for Dave Matthew Band when they play Utah later in the summer. Not that i'm going to that show, but if i was planning to go i would definitely boycott it, just because of her. she sucks as much ass as reuben kicks. har. okay, nuf of that.

"I've missed you," said the kitty to the rooster. "Please, come inside..."

Today was a GREAT day--one of those days when you get tons done, you know? i had a big project due for "work" and i thought i had about 4 hours left to do on it, but it only took me about 2, so then i went and did a bunch of my errands that i was planning to do tomorrow. i bought some incredibly beautiful glass vases--very thick and striking. and i even swallowed my pride and entered the gay-ass mormon bookstore to buy a book my mom wanted--but only because she wanted it and i love her. i love having lists and crossing things off. i even assigned some tasks to the hubby. he's so cute. came home for a nooner yesterday. hee hee. that's always fun. he knows what time the kids nap, so if he shows up then he knows he has a good chance of gettin' some.

whoa. i finally brought a swivelling office chair into the kitchen and Max just discovered that if he climbs onto my lap and hugs me that i'll spin around and around and around and he loves it!! i, on the other hand, am feeling like puking.

oh yeah. loved the matrix. kicked so much ass. that's my phrase of the day i guess. god i'm going to vomit. no more spinning.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

It's my step son's 7th brithday today. He's hilarious. He's a foot taller than any of the other kids in his class, and about an inch thick--walking skeleton. The doctor says he'll be AT LEAST 6' 7" so we're hoping he gets into basketball far he's more into football, and that's okay for now, but...when he's full grown it won't work so well. Unless he just throws the ball over everyone else's heads, or something. Anyway. He's a little game boy addict and he's been better than me at video games since he was 4 years old...he used to try to show me how to do stuff, but I'm too dumb. Or at least in the video game realm. I have been addicted to Tetris and i rather enjoy a good round of the original Mario brothers game...but other than that...i'm useless! I'm from the age of Pong, what can i say? I have the hand-eye coordination of a...of a...really uncoordinated person, that's what! jeeeez. my brain is fried. Once upon a time (that's the phrase of the day, i guess) I had a pretty high IQ, but i've been losing about a point a day for the past 3 years...well, okay, that isn't quite possible, now is it? I person without impaired mental function might have realized that before writing it. It's no wonder my self esteem has taken a hit over these past few years--my smarts used to be what i clung to, but now...sigh. Okay, i'm still smarter than most of the people i meet on a daily basis--but that's only because they're toddlers. and let's face it--they're smarter most of the time anyway. i'm just talking in circles today.

I'm going to see The Matrix Reloaded tonight!! I'm soooooooo very excited. The first one absolutely blew me away. Can't wait!!!!

And by the way....the countdown to Maine is now 4 days. and really only 3 because today is half over and it's filled with fun stuff for the rest of the day, and then that just leaves mon, tues, and wed, leaving bright and early thurs. Who the fuck came up with "bright and early"??? Shouldn't it be "nasty and early"? Or "putrid and early"? Or "couldn't be healthy to be up this early"??? My favorite expression for such a time of day is "The butt crack of dawn." because that is how i feel at the crack of dawn--like a butt crack! beauty. okay. have a lovely day.
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Spot. She was a huge bitch--a Saint Bernard, to be exact. She loved her job as a rescuer on a mountain in Switzerland, but most of all she loved the brandy they strapped to her neck to help warm up the folks in need of rescue. She usually drank it all before they got there, but no one noticed. Life is pretty good when you're a drunk dog. So, she laid in front of a warm fireplace, licking herself and lolling in a drunken haze all winter, with the occassional rescue to dispell her boredom. She loved these silly humans who thought they were so important and smart. She wondered why they thought that, since she was the one who was pampared and lazy and had not a care in the world. She would put all her effort into rescuing the ones they instructed her to, because it was fun--an adrenaline rush--but she didn't really think it was a worthwhile venture. They usually came back broken and damaged and rather useless, in her eyes.

One day as Spot was warming by the fire after a particularly lengthy and dangerous rescue, the little bell on the front door to the lodge rang, signalling a new arrival. She was only vaguely aware of that bell, as it never meant anything to her, except more possible rescues. Her big beautiful head lifted from its resting place on her paws as a scent reached her intoxicating, earthy smell...could it be? Her eyes found the source of the drifting scent, and her heart began to race. Through her foggy tunnel vision, her ears picked up the conversation of the humans.

"Good to see you, Bart! How was the drive up?"
"Oh, fine, it was fine. Henri and I are just glad to be here. With the grand re-opening party all week, you could do with an extra rescue dog."
"yeah, you know those celebrities--bad skiiers!" And they both chuckled.

Their conversation continued, but Henri had picked up a scent as well. He followed his nose to the great stone hearth, where there lay a beautiful sight. they sniffed each other and the rest is history (in other words, much humping ensued).

Okay, so my kids are crying and i can't concentrate anymore. maybe i'll write more later. grrrrr.

Friday, May 16, 2003

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.......i had the BEST workout today. i did lots of lunges yesterday so my ass and thighs are nice and sore today and i beat the shit out of my back and biceps today so hopefully they'll be sore tomorrow. i LOVE being sore--it reminds me that what i'm doing is not pointless...even if i am running on a treadmill. ha ha. oooh. and my abs/obliques. i killed those motherfuckers yesterday and they feel great. too bad i'm not skinny enough to be really ripped yet--but i will be soon, don't you worry.

Coolest thing happened today. i was just stepping onto the front porch to whisk a tired little boy off to his nap, when i heard shouting from the next door neighbors...mother and teenage daughter swearing profusely rather loudly...then daughter starts walking. a little bit later i was about to go out and get my mail, but i saw a police car parked in front of their house so i waited, because i didn't want to seem nosy...but that cop was HOT, so i was tempted to go out just to get a better look...that little girl is a fiesty one. she was suspended from school last week (she's 14) for beating a girl up so badly she had to be hospitalized. yikes. she looks like a pretty little 16 year old--rather curvy for 14--but apparently she's quite scary.

i need to do something special to celebrate reaching 1000 hits...i know! i'll go shopping! yeeee-haaawww! i used to love shopping, when i was skinny, but then i got lard-ass-ishly fat and avoided the whole shopping thing with a fevered intensity. I need a few things. including a birthday present for my sister who i'll be seeing in Maine...her birthday was december 3rd. oops. it's not that i forget these things, it's just that i have a phobia of the post office. so back off. okay, time to get to work.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Okay, so here's the QUESTION OF THE DAY: As a straight woman, would you prefer to kiss an unattractive guy, or a VERY attractive girl? That's a good one for fence-riders...Let me know your answers. I should probably ask the reverse of that for men, but i think I already know that every straight guy out there would prefer a 400 pound butt-ugly woman to Brad Pitt. But, hey, if i'm wrong, let me know!

So spring is sort of here. i used up all my excitement and joy on the first few times i THOUGHT it was spring, but then got snowed on the next day...oh well. i am not entirely sure the warm weather is here to stay, but we'll see.

just got interupted here by a phone call from my best friend--who is driving from Utah to Maine right now. She called from the lovely--and low speed limit--state of Pennsylvania. we're very excited that i'll be there next week!!! She even talked me back into taking my kids for a whole month at the end of summer...i was starting to have doubts if that was a sane's probably not, but it's worth it. I can't wait to see everyone! We're going to go to my favorite lighthouse if there's time. i'm so annoyed that i'm only staying for a few days. there's too much to do!!!! which is why i'll go back for a month in july/august. Sometimes i'm so short-sighted i'm surprised i'm allowed to drive.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Hmm..does Richard Marx really belong on VH1 Classic? Pardon my obsession, by the, i really have no life. sigh. but my new leather couch/love seat/chair and ottoman are extraordinary--i wanna have sex with them, or at leat on them... I wish Richard Marx would shut the hell up, though, because i'm feeling waaaaaaaaaaaay less cool just knowing he's crooning in such close proximity to my leather...

So my friend and her licky licky buddy came over today to borrow some dresses for a wedding they're going to tomorrow...we hung out and yadda yadda yadda---ope, just kidding! the whole time we were sitting in my room looking through my closet, etc, i was thinking how excited my husband would be if he walked in and saw us all there. Too bad (for him) that i'm not interested in joining their little licky licky club. i'm smiling to myself sitting here...despite Richard fucking Marx. Yes, i know, i could go get the remote and mute his ass, but come on!! If you know nothing else about me (and how could you not know pretty much everything, even if this is the first time you've read my blog--i'm a god damned open book) hmm..where was I? the parenthesized comment sort of took over my train of thought...oh, yeah. if you know nothing else about me, you must know that i am lazy lazy lazy--with a capital L but too lazy to hit the shift key. now that my friends, is lazy.

Yes, i'm going to bore you with the countdown--AGAIN. One week from today and i'll be packed and giving my husband some fantastic good bye sex (because i'll be too excited to sleep, so why not?). I know I'm silly to be so excited, but you have to remember, that for a stay at home mom, the only REAL vacation is time off from cooking, cleaning, and chasing my two little tornados around!! not to mention the seafood and spending time with family and friends who i never see. in fact i've been regularly emailing one of my cousins who i spent a lot of time with as a child, but not so much after we moved (2 whole miles away) and it's so much fun! see, there were four of us: my sister and our two cousins and we were basically next door neighbors, down on this sparsely populated road to a sweeeeeet little sand beach (ocean) where we built tree houses, learned to ride bikes, caught turtles in the creek, made "camps" out in the woods, where half of our mother's kitchen supplies ended up...and raised kittens together, and rescued baby birds and ran from their older brother when he caught snakes...and tromped into our grandmother's house (who lived between us) and said in a chorus of cute little girl voices, "Grammy? Whaddayou have to eat?" and it was always kool-aid and twinkies or devil dogs or ring dings...and we rode bikes to the nearest store (like 3 miles) and planned how exactly we would foil the attempted kidnapping which was sure to be perpetrated upon us at any minute (that was the big thing then)...and life was beautiful. Is it any wonder i want to raise my kids there? good golly miss molly, that was one friggin' idyllic childhood!!! hmm...anyway, i'm looking forward to seeing the girls. AND i used to babysit for one of my cousins' kids. and now they're all grown up and i haven't seen them in YEARS. so i hope they're at the Memorial...for the aforementioned grandmother. She kicked ass. I can't believe she's really gone.

And to end on an up note: We Are the World is playing now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoa. my fourth grade teacher TOTALLY played that every day at the end of the day while we waited for the bell to ring. that was bob dylan?? sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! paul simon...kenny rogers...tina baby...ray charles...stevie wonder...the boss! damn. that song was so warm and fuzzy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Had to tear myself away from VH1 Classic to write something. It's like living in a time warp. David Lee Roth--what can i say? that was some fantastic 80's fashion, i tell you what...and i had forgotten how hot Tina Turner was (and still is!). She kicks ass.

And do you know who i'm totally smitten with? Lisa Marie Presley. That woman rocks. She's vulnerable and tough and gorgeous and she snarls her lip just like daddy! It's so cute because i don't think it's intentional and her voice is so powerful and I just love her. I've seen her on a couple of interviews lately. her personality is what really won me, but i love her songs, too. speaking of pesonality, i watched jay leno last night, which was being hosted by katie couric because they traded places, and the musical guest was robbie williams. i've heard his name, but had never heard his music. cool song, gonna download some and see what i think, but his personality--wow--loved him!!! anyway, back to Lisa Marie. I've never been an Elvis fan and since he died basically before my time i don't really have any memories of him. and i was thinking about that...and how she must have such a heavy weight hanging over her, such high expectations, such public curiousity. and then there are people like me who are only vaguely aware of the connection. i see her, not her father. anyway.

So there's a store here called DI, which is like Goodwill for those of you in the rest of the country, and they'll come pick up large pieces of furniture and appliances from your house if you're donating them. BUT they only come to each town once a week, and today was our they picked up our old couch/loveseat today and our living room is empty. weird. so we're hanging out in the upstairs family room, but it's hot up there today. it's 74 degrees outside, and downstairs, which means i don't need to turn on the AC, but upstiars is hot...lulling me to sleep, along with my beloved VH1 Classic...

Monday, May 12, 2003

Once again, i've been slacking, but a have a really good excuse this time. One of my sons was in the hospital for a few days last week. he actually got hit hard by RSV which is a cold-like sickness that is usually only severe in kids under 2 and the elderly, but for some reason it knocked my baby's socks off. so that was fun.

On Saturday my husband and i discovered a new hobby together--rock climbing! i've been itching to try it again, and he had too, so we did. we went to the indoor rock walls, so we could rent harnesses and get some instruction, besides the fact that i'm totally afraid of heights. We had the best time, and decided that'll be our new hang out. Most of the people there were hard core climbers with their own gear and the funny looking pants. one toally bad-ass guy was climbing cracks--it's literally just a crack down the wall and he sticks his fingers and toes into it and supports himself that way. crazy!! anyway, it's a workout and a rush and just plain something different--that's all i require out of life, you know? To stir it up occassionally. and after the first climb, I trusted that my belayer wouldn't drop me, so the fear of heights was mostly gone.

And then we went to the furniture store. that's right, baby! it's leather couches for us! they'll be delivered wednesday and i'm just counting the minutes!!!! i am finally going to love my house!!!

We hooked our DishNetwork back up yesterday--hubby couldn't live without watching the NBA finals, apparently. i'm loving it. i have missed the Daily Show and my darling Jon Stewart so much!!! And we have VH1 Classic--that is the coolest station ever! Not only do they actually play videos (something MTV is allergic to, these days) but they are all old...sigh of is good.

AND there are only like 9 days left until i leave for Maine. AND it's finally a warm spring day after lots of (unusual) cold and rain...73 degrees today. Could life get any better? I just don't know. well, if my kids weren't still a little sick, preventing me from going to the gym today that would be better...and if i didn't have a pelvic exam tomorrow, that would be better...and if my dishes were already done, that would be, i sure know how to ruin my own good mood!!!! oh well.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Well that was interesting. I wrote a sentence (nothing thrilling whatsoever, trust me) and it just deleted itself as i was typing. It wasn't that bad, come on!! And i'm not even using my laptop in a manner which causes me to drag my lazy palms over the mouse thingy because that can do some weird shit...oh well.

I used to be BIG into Phish, a few years back, and they're coming here in July. some friends are going and tickets are on sale saturday so i have to decide if i want to go. i mean, i really want to go, but i haven't even listened to one of their CD's in at least 3 years, and i haven't heard any of the Cd's they realeased after 95 or 96...they're supposed to be amazing live--very grateful dead like...sigh. decisions. My husband and i are currently negotiating a deal to go to Seattle or San Fran. to see Metallica in August though--woooo hoooooooooo!!!!! I LOVE metallica so that's an easy decision. speaking of music, dumb people who share music files on kazaa or morpheus really crack me up. Like, they don't know who really sings a song so they just make it up, you know? I have one that lists Led Zep as the artist for Magic Carpet Ride...i downloaded it because i thought it was a cover or something. No. Not a cover. Just ignorance. Steppenwolf, people, come on! Led Zepelin???? Have you even HEARD magic carpet ride????? i hate being smarter than everyone else. it's very tiring.

Two motherfucking weeks from tomorrow and i'll be floating along above the clouds at hundreds of miles per hour, eastward bound. gaaaaawd i love travelling!!! eeeek. now i have a john denver song in my head (homeward bound) which is odd because i am not sure i've ever heard one of his songs all the way through, and i certainly never listened to any on purpose (may he rest in peace). Oh, and for the record: you know how some people claim that there are two kinds of people, those who love Neil Diamond and those who don't? Well...just to clear up any questions: DON'T. I'm firmly and forever on the hating diamond side. Sorry. I know lots of cool people who for some crazy reason enjoy the man's music, but i just can't do it. It's a long story, involving a frighteningly creepy man who didn't bathe for the entire 6 years I knew him (and god only knows how long before then his last shower took place)...i'm shuddering, convulsing....better change the subject...

I'm reading a book called Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole. I'll write more about that later. I haven't had much time to get into it yet, but it is briliant.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

I've been having some trouble with my counter. won't bore you with the details.

so today it was rainy and cold, so while the boys napped I curled up on the couch with a nice hot cup of Chai tea (not Tai Chi) and watched my favorite homesickness movie--in the Bedroom. I decided that the school where Cissy Spacek teaches music is definitely my Junior High. It would not surprise me so much if the building hadn't been condemned 7 or 8 years ago and locked up ever since...I guess Hollywood has the money to clean up such things for shooting purposes...magine that. Anyway.

Here's a little bio type thang: My name is Lisa.
I am a housewife who lives in Utah.
I hate Utah.
I am originally from Maine.
I love Maine.
I love seafood and the ocean and trees and grass that's green cuz it wants to be (not because a bunch of dipshits waste their meager water supply coaxing it into greenness)
I love classic rock and hard rock and heavy metal and eminem and opera and disco
I love baking
I hate cleaning
I love bubble baths
I love going to the gym
I love having good friends
I love hiking
I love tatoos
I love adventure

Friday, May 02, 2003

Well here i am, the slacker princess herself. I don't have much of a good excuse either. We had new carpet laid on wednesday, so that sort of disrupted my day, and we had plans to go out last night, but that shouldn't have kept me from writing. I say "had plans to go out" because what ended up happening was more of a cluster fuck of the grandest proportions. At least the hubby was cutely apologetic and at least we ended up having a nice time at dinner even if it was about 3 hours past the point of utter starvation for of wine, coconut shrimp, ranch salad, jacket potato and 10 oz filet mingon at the Outback steakhouse--GAWD I love that place. It is the only chain restaurant that i purposely patronize...and since the only motherfucking options around here are chain restaurants (remember the sheep mentality i have mentioned). Anyway. nothing quite compares to good food...good sex is a close second, but..aww, just kidding. it really just depends on whether i'm horny or hungry--they tie for first.

So. The countdown to Maine now stands at T minus 20 days. woooooooooooooo-hoooooooooooo!!!! I am so gonna stuff my face with every piece of seafood i stumble well as some of greatest hot dogs in the world. i hope it doesn't rain every day. but i don't really care.

I said i would explain Bunko, but I don't know if it's worth's basically just an excuse for a bunch of women to get together once a month for a night out but it's a dice game and there are prizes and food and it's really fun--but only because there are a few of us who are loud and funny...when we started the thing a year ago it was perfect, the perfect combination of people who mostly only knew one or two of the other members of the group, but we all just clicked. every time we got together it was a high, of laughing and fun and swearing and dirty jokes...sadly, as people dropped out one here, one there, they were replaced by stiffs. mormon types. they knew what they were getting into, that they were on our turff, but frankly we're a bit outnumbered now and i have to say i don't look forward to it nearly as much as i once did. i have made a fantastic amazing wonderful new friend, so it's all worth it, and even a few other people i like, but it really bugs me that i can't quite be myself there anymore. i believe it's the end of an era...sigh. Oh well. maybe if i swear loud enough and start bring my own bottle of Jack Daniels and just swiggin from it all night, and belching, then the unwanteds will be scared away...doubtful.

well that's about enough whining for one day, don't you think?