Friday, March 19, 2004

Fantasy Friday

********Blue Collar Caller (as opposed to Gentleman Caller...hee hee)************

Without a word, you step through the door.
I don't even know your name, just your face and the roar of your Harley.
my pulse quickens, like a cliche.
i step back, you close the door.
you remove your sunglasses, and my stomach leaps to my throat as our eyes meet.
this is it, i think.
you step closer, removing my shirt in one fluid motion.
before the shock can register, i'm against the wall, with you in my eyes, nose and mouth.
i have always known it would be like this, as i watched you from my kitchen window.
working on your bike, smoking.
nothing else exists.
i tear at your belt, finally getting to what's inside and revelling in that first touch
--the soft dry skin against my hands, i begin with a light massage.
you smile down at me, almost a sneer, showing your approval.
you thought i might resist.
apparently you never saw me watching.
you with your tattoos and earrings, your bike, your blue collar quietness.
you had not failed to notice my bikini-gardening...
i want to push you down, slide on top.
you are in control, and it makes me squirm, adding to the pleasure.
your hands rough from building houses feel like warm sand paper against my skin, and i don't want you to ever stop touching me.
as your shirt comes off, i bite your neck, you grab my hair and pull my head back, biting back, licking...
i've already started moaning and you're not even inside...
you kiss me on the mouth, for the first time--hard.
i continue my massage, just so, thumb on the vein, rotating my wrist.
you brace yourself, hands on the wall on either side of me and let it rock you.
i stop abruptly and stand still.
the gleam in your eye is mixed with anger and pleasure.
you easily encirle both my wrists and pin them above my head, as you slide inside.
finally, an end to the torment of wanting.
and the beginning of the sweetest torment of all...
you release my hands and kiss me softly, as if to reassure me that the tough guy act is just an act.
i bite your lip, and sink my nails into your back.
you kiss me again and i can't take anymore...
i push you onto the table and pin your arms, with a defiant half-smile.
i'm almost close...
you break free of my loose grip and spank me, just right, sending me over the edge.

we tumble to the floor in exhaustion, and you say drily, "wanna catch dinner sometime?"

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