Tuesday, March 09, 2004

it's on

what's on? you say?
i knew i would find it eventually and lo, i felt a little something strange in my guts today, and what could it be?
a little spring fever.
fucking gorgeous outside, must be 70 or close to it.
bluest sky crashing down on stark white mountains?
like a god damn postcard.
and when the neighbor started up his harley and roared off with his lady holding on...
i wasn't even jealous.
my stomach didn't contract in that way it does when there's something i want too much.
oh don't get me wrong--i still love bikes.
it just so happens that i'm actually content with my life now, and if my love doesn't like motorcycles, then i don't need one.
what a stark contrast this is to where my life was last year...
i remember asking him why he didn't want to get a motorcycle.
they're too dangerous.
it was like getting punched in the stomach.
it was like those moments in romance movies where the one person catches the other person cheating with a person who they should have suspected all along but did not realize it until that very moment.
it was a timeless truth, a law of phsycis.
if his disinclination to own a bike was due to the amount of danger involved...
isn't that the whole point?
the thrill of the wind whipping around you, the loud rumble, the speed.
it was really disturbing to me at the time, and as the overly dramatic little chica i am...
of course i felt it was a further omen that we were not, could not be soul mates.
what did i know?
dumb girl.

before i forget, go check out Timmy's blog
it's a brand new baby blog, but it's going to be huge one day so go give him tits HITS. ahem.

so here's the "my kids are going to drive me to drink/shoot up/run away" story of the day....
about 2pm.
we head upstairs so i can shower.
(yeah i'm a real go getter, i know)
i turn on sesame street, hoping to entertain them in close proximity to my showering venture.
again with the tripping...
i tripped and landed with my nose in a book, so i sat down to read for a minute...
they wandered downstairs, and i thought i heard the front door open.
me in my p.j.s
them in shirts.
yup, just shirts.
max actually had underwear on, but not a stitch on oliver--in the tradition of such childhood favorites as donald duck, winnie the pooh, etc.
i head to the stairs to check it out.
front door's wide open.
me in my p.j.s
i peek out, don't see them.
walk towards the road, look down the block.
oh there they are.
about a block down, picking up broken beer bottle glass.
i was suddenly finding it impossible to imagine that i am not, in fact, white trash.
i was laughing too hard to scold them.
(is anyone else wondering why they don't behave very well??)
but once we got inside, i did very calmly explain to them that we do NOT go outside without mommy.
or pants.

have a great day, and don't neglect your pill/patch/shot/condom supply/vasectomy!!!

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