Tuesday, March 16, 2004

it's a 5 o'clock world and the whistle blows...

okay, not so much for me, but...
it is 5 o'clock.
and i forgot to post today.
damn i'm flaky.
i even got up early (7:30, that's early for me so back off!)
and hit the gym earlier than usual, but....
somehow i frittered away the afternoon.
i have a friend who needs an excerpt from my stupid ass cock sucking mother fucking cunt of a book.
i want to torch the thing.
i hate it.
it reminds me of some piece of shit danielle fucking steele book, only worse.
if that's possible.
okay, i'm being a bit hard on myself, because there are some parts of it that make me smile out loud, they're so good.
i'm just frustrated because i have 200 pages of words and there are probably only 50-75 of those that are good enough.
the right thing to do would be to start fresh.
but i can't let go.

today is Vent Day.
not because we're buying new vents.
not becuase we're celebrating the invention of the vent.
not because sticking your ass on a vent to feel the suction is fun.
(although it is)
today is Vent Day because my friend just called and vented to me, and it was fun for her.
and me.
you might think i'm kidding, but i'm not.
i love the beautiful release that comes from pouring out all your anger/hate/annoyance.
it lifts the weight.

so anyway.
fuck you, and fuck you, and fuck you, and if you have time left, fuck me.

time to cook dinner.
oh yeah, and i got the email with the pictures from the concert, but i haven't decided if they're good enough to post.
so fuck you, again.

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