Tuesday, March 23, 2004

what a day...

getting back in the groove after being away is always a bit of a hiccough for me.
and why in the bloody hell is that stupid word spelled like that??
or at least why do we pronounce it the way we do?

so the gym felt great today.
and my little Mary Kay friend is sticking with it--maybe it wasn't just to make the sale, after all!
good for her, i say.
it's fun, too, cuz i get to show her how to do everything so i feel all smartsy pantsy.
and then i came home and fell asleep while putting the boys down for their nap.
so i accomplished absolutely nothing on the unpacking list.
oh well.
then i woke up and tried to do some housework...
but instead i had a great nap.
dreamed about this hot guy in canada.
felt very realistic.

it's good to be home, though.
always good.........
even as tempting as it was to just keep following the band....
maybe i'll be a groupie in my next life...

so now the thunder clouds are rolling in, over this gorgeously warm day.
we need the rain, and i love thunderstorms.
hoepfully there'll be lightening too.

i'll post tomorrow, i promise......

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