Saturday, March 06, 2004

just got home...

and i'm going to try to write because i hate writing hungover.
i hate breathing, sitting, living when i'm hungover, but that's another story for another day.
it was supposed to be a girl's night, but the hubby did come with us, which worked out well.
the Likki Likki highway was reopened after a spell of construction...
it's cool.
the club we went to was really weird...
i mean, good band--disco, got my wish!!, but the patrons?
and i think it was "women over 40 wear the shortest skirt you can find" night.
at least they were hottish, but damn.
this one chick--we all saw enough of her coochie to know she was NOT a natural blonde.
nice skirt, honey!!
it was really weird, they were everywhere!!
short skirts, tall boots and lots of makeup.
and some total grandmas (white hair!) with leather pants and stuff.
lots of cowboys.
everyone was all slutted out, but we were the youngest people there, by far.
and of course, my friend was making out with the other girl.
which is cool, i say, go for it ladies.
it was a good night, and i was glad to have my darling one there to drive all our sorry asses home and to dance a slow dance with me.
that was so nice and lovey cutesy.

i took a couple of pictures of how great i looked before we left.
if any of them are good i'll post.
and if any of you want to come over around 7:30 tomorrow morning to watch my kids until about noon....
that would be swell.
hot DAMN what i wouldn't give for the luxury of sleeping til i didn't feel like shit.
oh well.

time to sleep.
wish me luck fighting off the hangover demons tomorrow!

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