Monday, March 29, 2004

Is it Monday again?

how does that keep happening?
i swear it's monday every damn time i check.
except for that one time last week when it turned out to be Wednesday, but still.
it's beginning to feel like i'm in Groundhog's Day....


the gym was good.
i was feeling lazy so i did the stupid bike for my cardio.
i hate that thing.
i feel like i'm taking a nap.
but at least i kicked it up a couple of notches from where i usually have it.
oh yeah!
and i don't know why i'm complaining about it always being monday, because...
mondays are officially declared Hot Guys at the Gym Day.
it's true.
i keep noticing it, and it's just not going away.
good god, but i love me some eye candy while i'm working out.
i would like to know what the hell these guys do for work.
who has time to go to the gym in the middle of the day??
housewives and people who work nights, i guess.
cute boys.

i had a bizarre little dream last night.
it was about a guy i had a fling with many years ago.
someone who was beautiful and amazing but i somehow escaped getting attatched to him (read: getting hurt by him).
in other words, he's not someone i ever give a backward glance to.
but there he was, in my dream.
although, in true character of dreams, he wasn't really himself.
nothing much happened in the dream, i think we were driving and maybe there was some apocalyptical shit going on.
that's pretty common for me, by the way.
so if i'm as psychic as i usually like to pretend i am...
well, watch out folks, cuz there are going to be exploding refrigerators dropping from the sky soon!
mark my words.
unless that was just symbolism....?

so that friend i mentioned...
with a new blog.
It's called A Confused State of Being.
go read it.
and not just cuz she's my friend, or i'll kick your cyber ass if you don't.
but because i think it'll make you chuckle.
or grin.
or giggle.
or in some manner tickle your funny bone.
(phew, i'm glad i didn't write "manor" instead of "manner" because last time i made that slip up i was ripped a new and not so pleasant asshole.)
i'm going to add comments for her soon.
hm, maybe as soon as i'm finished here....
anyway, go read it.

and if for some sad, pathetic reason you are not currently reading any or all of the following, say 3 hail mary's take a shot of Jager, and throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder....and get busy reading!!!
i feel like i should do a review of sorts, offer my description, my opinion, but honestly i suck at that.
i either gush or i don't do them justice.
so here's my book review one liner attempts--

Big Dick's Place
--Hilarious, a man's man, often raunchy, always entertaining....5 stars.

Drown Deep
--Captivating writing, photos and style. Gorgeous....5 stars.

Seduced by Sanity
--Sometimes soft and beautiful, sometimes hard and edgy....5 stars.

A Confused State of Being
-- A fresh new up and comer, this one's sure to be a long running hit!....5 stars.

can you tell i'm THAT girl?
the one who always puts "excellent" on surveys, for everything?
well, in those cases, sometimes i am exaggerating.
this time i am not.
they really all get 5 stars.
and 5 smooches, cuz i'm slutty like that.

and also, now i'm feeling guilty for not having written reviews of other sites i've recently added.
oh well.
i don't feel like it right now, so there.
besides, it's Lent, shouldn't i be feeling lots of guilt right now?
or something.
i should, however, post more pictures.
i go through phases, i guess.
i'm putting together a whole page of the Metallica stuff, but i haven't yet.
the last show is tomorrow night, Casper Wyoming.
i'm not going, but my husband will be meeting the band, so i'll just wait until there are pictures of that to post.
and i'm planning to do it all on another site and just put up a link--that way if you hate metallica as much as some of my readers, you'll be spared the details.
i'm not 100% bitch.
i'm considerate sometimes, too.

oh god.
it's the voices.
no, not in my head.
in my pantry...
they sound like 12 year old girls in green sashes with berets who are trying to earn money for their Camporee.
fucking girl scout cookies.
fucking friends who know you're on a diet but want you to support their kids' shit anyway.
fucking Thin fucking Mints.
I can taste them.
my eyes are starting to water...
NO! i'm not crying, asshole.
it's just the pain of trying to stay in this chair, fight the urge.
i'm actually getting pretty good at self control, in case any of you are wondering.
i just realized that if some sick fuck out there does a search for "fucking girl scouts"....
he'll end up here.
well, if that was YOU, then get the fuck out of here and go get help.
like, now.

(i'll have you know, i just clicked post, so i could go check something on my template, and i got an error. i almost cried, because i thought it looked as if i had lost the whole post. what's up pms girl? it's just a fucking post.)

but at least i succeeded in taking my mind off those evil cookies.
and i guess if i was any kind of a decent mother, i would have let my kids inhale all the cookies already.
but i'm not like that.
they do not get sugar.
hell, i don't even make JUICE very often because it's too sugary.
fresh fruit is their biggest source of sugar.
and no, i'm not a total freak, it's just that they don't need that stuff.
think about it.
sure, we enjoy candy and dessert, but it's bad for us and it doesn't add any nutritional value to a growing body.
so there.
they love milk, they get excited about vegetables--and they would eat themselves into a sugar coma if i left the pantry unlocked!
can't blame em, so would i...

okay, time to go be productive.
i'm feeling like i forgot something.
oh well.

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