Monday, March 22, 2004

there are Safeway supermarkets everywhere up here.
can't drive past one without pondering the age old question of just how one might extract an elephant from within...
yeah, yeah.
i just earned extra dork points.
and on saturday, in boise, we took exit 0 and i found myself trying to find a correlation between that and size 0.
perhaps if you take the exit, you will slip through a portal and be magically transformed into a size 0.
doesn't work that way apparently.
but i'm sure there's something there...

driving through these states...
i don't feel like i'm really here.
i'm just a line on a map.
propelled forward on a path, a trail--a train track, antiseptic, non interactive.
making no impression, leaving no mark.
not affecting the environment around me (okay, okay, minus the exhaust from my car...)
not a part of it, just a ribbon sliding through the pages of a book, fingers run through a bag of uncooked rice.
not unlike landing at an airport for a plane change--you can't say you visited that state, not really.

while driving, i read entries from Belle and Pisser, aloud to my husband.
it was reminiscent of days gone by, when people sat around doing embroidery and taking turns telling a story or making music.
tres old fashioned.
you know, me with my cell phone modem contraption, my laptop, and my AC adapter...

look at that river.
the brown water of spring churning along beside mel.
makes me wish i had a kayak strapped to my roof.
which is, surprsingly, even more fun than having a mattress strapped to one's back.
true story.

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