Thursday, March 18, 2004

i'm beginning to worrry that i've lived in utah too long

the most disturbing thing came to my attention the other day while driving...
i am shocked and appalled.
i no longer use my turn signals.
i don't think i can even look at myself right now, i'm so utterly aghast.
it seems i have become one with the people around me, just as i feared.
i'm going to the tanning beds, too.
what next?
dear lord don't let me get acrylic nails.
for the love of all things individual and unique!!!
keep me from dying my hair blonde, wearing it straight and shopping exclusively at Dillard's.

i hereby vow to start using my turn signals again--over using if i must--to atone for my sins.
i used to use them without even thinking.
it was part of the process, if i was going to head in a new direction, i felt it couldn't even be accomplished if i didn't flick that little wand up or down.
I remember getting teased for using them in a deserted cemetery in the middle of the night.
A part of driving.

Anyway, whatever.
It is yet another fucking gorgeous day.
I should have taken the boys for a hike, but now it's too late.
There will be plenty more days for that, so I'm not worried.
And I've realized I am afforded a really great amount of freedom which I tend to overlook.
And that is: most people over the age of 12 are at school or work on days like this.
Beautiful, clearest of bluest of skies, warm soft air, fresh new growth sprouting everywhere?
Not I.
I get to do whatever I want.
--provided I can coerce les deux petits enfants into being good enough to make it work...

And the good news is, I get to leave this state again, tomorrow.
Of course, Idaho ain't much better.
But I won't focus on that.
I'll just keep chanting, "I'm not in utah, I'm not in utah.?"
Until my husband pushes me out of the speeding car or I put myself to sleep...
Actually I've heard Boise is a pretty nice little city, and then it's on to Spokane on Sunday.

My husband's father lives there, so we'll have dinner with him.
He deserted his SIX sons and his wife 20 years ago.
And only resurfaced when they were all grown up, getting married, etc.
Complete shit bag.
But whatever.
it must be done.
i actually like the guy, minus his history--you know?
that makes my skin crawl.

anyway, enough of that.
lots to do today, getting packed, getting the kids packed, etc.
it'll be nice to not go anywhere for a while, when we get back.

oh, and check out the gorgeous little story that was left, anonymously, in the comment box this morning...
this guy is great.

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