Monday, March 01, 2004

so much to say...

Well, first things first.
I am the newest member of The Real World...Blogger Style house!!
I am very excited, so go check it out.

And of course, i have lots to say about my day of skiing, and the evening out which followed.

it was so wonderful, i can't even describe.
i had forgotten what it was like to "walk" in ski boots--and i have to put that in quotes because it can't really be considered walking...
it sucks shit.
so, just climbing 3 sets of stairs to get to the first lift almost killed me--and i work out!!! it was crazy.
but i made it.
and I even managed to get off the lift without any incidents.
but then.
oh, then.
i inched my way down that hill.
the freaking bunny slope!
and the 5 year olds were on their 3rd run by the time i reached the bottom.
it was hilarious!!
but at least i knew my limitations, remembered how to be in control.
and it's a good thing, because for those of you who haven't skiied...well, the "stop" action is the hardest on the muscles.
going is not nearly as much work.
i spent a little more time helping the blubbering step son into and out of his snowboard bindings at the top and bottom than i would have liked...
(have to take one off to use the lift, put it back on to board)
but it was okay.
so then i turned on my tunes (brought the trusty mp3 player) and cruised down at a breakneck speed of maybe 2 miles per hour...
and it got better from there.
having good music is a must, but mostly for the long ride up the hill.
the best song i had with me for cruising down was The Cult, Edie (ciao baby).
of course, it was a little too good, and i started jamming out and almost went--gasp--fast!
and of course there was a cute lift attnedant...
who was there to hoist my sorry ass up when the kid i was sharing a chair with knocked me off the lift on the dismount.
the worst part had to be that he offered his hand, i took it, and when he pulled i didn't budge so he had to pull harder.
yes, i'm a fatter ass than i look, sonny, bite me.
oh well.
i was on a high all day, and i am dyyyyying to go back.
March is a pretty busy month for us, but we might make it once more before the season ends.
it was awesome.
i wish i could have written about it right when i got back, because i think i had some interesting things to say.
oh well.

so then our night out...
we discovered the greatest little bar around.
it was perfect.
there was even karaoke.
and of course i was drunk enough to sing...
i was even just drunk enough to give my friend's little brother sex advice at one point.
i think he was less drunk, because he laughed.
and we played pool against some cute boys who did NOT look old enough to be in there.
the sad part is, they probably were.
everybody in our large group sang karaoke at least once.
i sang "these boots are made for walking" with 3 other girls.
we sucked hard.
oh well.
(and, coincidentally, the boots i had on were not made for walking...)
and once i drank out of the wrong beer...
i was sitting there, talking.
i took a swig--from a bottle, when i had a mug--and thought, hmm that tasted weird, and kept talking.
a moment later, a hand reached over my shoulder and grabbed the bottle.
my first thought was, uh, hello? that's my beer, dipshit.
then i got it.
fortunately, it was my friend's husband, and not some stranger...
who's the dipshit now??? huh???
yeah, that's right.

i looked freaking fantastic, by the way.
nice tight little cowboy shirt with pearl buttons and lots of cleavage.
now that i've figured out the trick to cleavage, i'll admit i'm kind of addicted.
i am, forever, the attention whore of the land.

ooh! and in all the craziness of my weekend, i haven't even checked to see if Lick Magazine is online....
if you can guess which story is mine, i'll send you a topless picture.
(of course, i will not admit you got the right one, so i'll never have to pay out, but still--it'll be fun for you to guess)

time to hit the gym.
happy monday, everyone.

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