Monday, March 15, 2004

feeling compelled to blog again

or inclined...
there's a guy here cleaning my carpet in an attempt to sell me a vacum cleaner i won't buy.
and he's not even hot.
oh well.

the sun shine's shining, and if i had a top to put down on my car it would be down.
as low as the waistband on that girl's pants who was singing the other night at the bar.
we pretended she was carmen from american idol, but she was too hot.
and she could actually sing, unlike the utah idol...

where was i?
if you don't know, then i sure as hell don't.

but i am having no regrets over piercing my nose.
loving it.
anyone know anything about henna tattoos?
cuz this would save me valuable time, if you would go search the internet for facts and opinions on the subject so i don't have to.
i have shit to do.
like stretch, yawn and blink.
i know.
it'll take me a while.
you might want to sit down.

this dude ain't talkin.
maybe it's cuz i'm typing.
maybe it's cuz i'm too hot and he's shy.
that's me laughing.
pretty damn funny.
there's the diesel of hot neighbor dude.
quick, give me a reason to go outside!!!
carpet dude's here.

saw some great videos while i was running today.
yes, you heard me--running!!
finally got my lazy ass out of speed walk mode.
stupid bitch.
will you ever get skinny by walking???
eh, maybe.
here are the videos in order, by song name.
if you can name the artists, i'll admit to having fantasies about you.
selling the drama

okay, okay.
so those aren't actually difficult.
everyone should know the first and last ones, but the second one might trip up a few of you...
or maybe i just think i'm cool.

i am developing a rather impressive set of pipes maybe i'll post a picture.
okay, almost noticeable is more like it, but still.
they impress ME, and that's pretty much all that counts.
so fuck you.
no really, i'd like to...
come on over, baby.
but not in a christina aguilera way.
and not because she's not hot.
and not because she can't sing like a nightengale.
but just because i meant the "baby" to be said in beavis and butthead style.

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