Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moaning Monday

So that Girls Night Out/Toy Party was a hoot and a holler.
We had so much fun and I even learned a few things--surprisingly!
Most of the products they showed were things I had seen before or used before,
but there were a couple of new twists on old things.
The highlight of the evening was the presenter demonstrating the use of some straps on a guest of the party, and also the penis ice sculpture adorning the food table.
Ice has never made my mouth water more...

I have a ton to do today, but I couldn't leave you empty handed.
So to speak.
Here's one of my favorites, about the fun of dating...

Office Surprise
When you get back from lunch, make sure to close that office door behind you.
And when you sit down, don't slide your legs all the way under your desk.
...there won't be room.
You'll know i'm there, but we won't say a word.
I reach up, and unzip your pants as you phone the secretary asking her to hold your calls.
you're hard already, your heart beating as fast as the rhythm in my ears.
I am careful, but quick--we could be interupted at any moment.
opening wide, i take as much into my mouth as i can, swirling my tongue around...
massaging so softly--yet firmly--with my hand, making a harmony of pleasure.
you lean back in your chair, a rough sigh escapes your lips.
my breathing becomes louder, i'm so aroused it takes all of my self control to not climb onto your ready lap.
...remove those glasses, tousle that hair....
but i don't.
i stay where i am, and continue licking--you're almost there.
you grasp your arm rests, knuckles turning white...another sound pushes out of your throat...
and i swallow every drop of your warm saltiness.
you sit back with a content sigh, as i crawl out, my thumb wiping the last trace of you from my lips.
i stand, straighten my clothes, my hair, wink--then turn and walk out the door.