Wednesday, March 24, 2004

what the hell day is it?

feels like monday, or maybe thursday.

today i want to write something smashing, dashing, brilliant and wise.
i want to blow myself away, i want to blow you away.
i want to sink into that place in my head where i create faces and places.
i want to wave my wand and have 4 loads of laundry folded...
i want to ride a horse, a sleek shiny chestnut stallion--faster and faster, the wind in my ears drowning out the pounding of the hooves.
i want to be an indian princess, evading my pale faced would-be captors, turning to shoot arrows with such precision that i wouldn't even need to look to know i was safe.
and now the kids are up my ass again.
wow, at this pace, i could probably churn out a novel every decade or so.
fuck this.

it's almost naptime.
hallelujah praise the lord of the dance.

more later.
if i haven't slipped into a valium induced coma.

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