Saturday, March 13, 2004

just a quick note

sorry about skipping Fantasy Friday...
i was actually really busy today--oddly.
busy getting a nasty sunburn at the tanning salon.
and busy taking my kids on fun outings.
and busy going out for the evening with friends.
so there.
and the stupid ass that i am...
i got huge white circles around my eyes from the stupid ass goggles.
and a white line across my neck from my stupid ass headphones.
stupid ass.
stupid stupid stupid ass.
now i'm trying to pack...
for myself, my (lazy ass??) husband and my kids.
it's fine.
the hardest part is that i STILL haven't figured out what to wear to the show.*

and throughout all that, i am fighting the urge to pick that dastardly booger in my left nostril.
which ain't so much a booger as a piece of metal.
it's like getting used to thong underwear, i guess.
you just wanna pick that wedgie!!!

saw Starsky and Hutch tonight.
laughed my ass off.

i am leaving for Vegas in the morning.
am I excited??
yesssssiree, bob.
do i miss my kids already?

i wish i had something interesting or witty or wise to share with you.
but, it's the weekend so no one reads this shit anyway, right? =)
okay, i guess a few of you do, but still.

so now that i have Site Meter, i've been checking my types of traffic and i am pleased to announce...
not as much of my traffic comes from porn searchers as i thought.
i mean, there are plenty of those, but i guess i'm just relieved it's not ALL.
that would be pretty damn depressing.

well fuck.
i guess i better finish packing and get to bed.
wish me luck!!!
have a great weekend....

*the show=Metallica concert; first of three

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