Sunday, March 21, 2004

Ramblings while driving Friday night...

(lost my connection while writing so i had to save it and work off line... but here's what i wrote)

Once again I’m driving and surfing the web…
This is such an addiction .
I wonder if it’s warm outside.
I am boring.
The sky is a beautiful jumble of pinks and blues, clouds and mountains.
I forget how much I love clouds when I’m in utah…
So dry, there aren’t often clouds.
I guess I’m still in utah?
Don’t know.
Might be in Idaho.
In any case, there is more humidity here, I can feel it.
Cattle grazing.
In my part of utah the sky is always blue, there aren’t often clouds like this.
Or maybe I just don’t notice.

We’re driving across a small plain, between two sets of low mountains.
There is nothing for miles and miels, then there is a small cluster of homes.
The exit states, simply, “Juniper Road”, no town name cited.
Big fat, pointy topped silos.
Irrigation systems, like preying mantis armies, all in a row.
This is closer to solitude than I’ve been in a long time.
I feel a yearning to sit in that small house with this laptop and write the great American piece of shit.

Up through the hills.
Sky still pink and now a darker shade of blue, gray.
The pink is deeper.
If only I could paint this onto a water color, I could save a thousand words.
How to survive a ranchers life, a farmer’s life?
The long hours the delicate balance of nature, pouring your every breath, every calorie into producing something which will be sold to provide your income—after paying for new livestock, equipment repairs, seed, feed, etc, etc, etc...
what a whiney ass lazy spoiled little girl i am.

Sunday 1pm

we had a wonderful relaxing day in Boise--not a bad little city.
low cost of living, still room to buy a decent amount of land and not be far from the city.
did a little shopping...
got some new gym shoes--30 bucks for a pair of 75$ shoes, always a thrill.
and some new bras, hallelujah! (and no, i won't be modelling them for you)
um...what else did i buy?
guess that's it.
we got in line for the show, a little later than we had hoped, but ended up getting the perfect spot inside.
cuz we knew something no one else knew.
we knew that Godsmack would start the show 'facing' one direction, but Metallica would start on the other side.
AND we knew that there really was no front, we knew the inside pooper scooper.
so, while everyone else piled up 3 and 4 rows deep at what appeared to be the front of the stage, we sauntered over to the "back" and got 4 comfortable positions on the rail.
and they rocked OUR fucking socks off.
literally--I could swear i wore socks in, but when i got home and took off my boots i had no socks.
fuckin weird.
which reminds me--i will be wearing sneakers tonight.
why did i forget to do that last night???
vanity, i suppose.
although sneaks would've looked just as good with what i wore last night.
so we had a couple of minor incidents with dumb girls trying to push their way into our space, but we basiclaly prevailed.
we all caught guitar picks and Cameron caught a drumstick.
silliness, really.
and they were really on last night.
vegas they were off, not just me.
or the crowd was just better, or something.
anyway, whatever.
cuz it blew me away.
one of the cute things James does (and yes, i'm sure that's some sort of an oxymoron) is says, "give me an 'm', give me an 'e', give me a 't' give me an 'a'--give me fuel give me fire give me that which i desire!" and segues into that song.
fucking love that song.
another of his little phrases is "i have two and a half words for you--kill em all"

and i have a really sparkly feeling in the pit of my stomach (which i always want to spell stomache) that i'm going to get to meet them tonight.
my brother in law has the "meet and greet" pass for tonight, which means he's definitely meeting them (not sure if the greet part is mandatory...)
but knowing him, and his smoother operator ways...i don't know.
big things have been known to happen when that man is involved.
he has a way of making people do things, making people want to do things for him.
it's fucking cool.

i'm listening to a cd we downloaded (and paid for, amazingly) from the Las Vegas show.
kind of cool.


driving through Oregon was cool.
um, there were a zillion trees, then they just stopped, on the other side of the mountain.
like flipping a switch.
and i have to pee like a, like a...well, fuck.
i have to pee like a woman who's been drinking water all day and is stuck in a car.
well, kind of.
i know i'm sort of reaching with that analogy, but work with me here.

and look at that--we're at a gas station.
what the hell am i doing finishing this post?
get me to the god damn bathroom!!!!!!!!!

later--and believe me there will be more....

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