Friday, March 05, 2004

Fantasy Friday XIV

there was a knock at the door.
and there you stood.
my heart stopped, my brain froze.
could it be?
surely a hallucination...
when you let me get on that plane i thought i would die.
but before i was even unpacked--here you were.
standing in the rain, with your backpack and guitar case.
then you spoke.
may i come in?
wordlessly, i stepped back, letting you pass.
there were a few words of wonder and explanation exchanged, and then i reached out to touch your face.
still so soft.
your heart was beating so fast i could almost see it through your shirt, your hand shaking as you reached for me.
just before you kissed me, you thought to ask if i was happy to see you.
i smiled in response and stole your move, landing on your lips with force, then lightening my touch.
i'm sorry i let you go, you whispered as i tugged at your shirt, sliding it over your head.
you're here...and we both knew that was all that mattered.
i pulled you down as i sank to the couch, just feeling your weight on me was enough to drive me wild.
you slid a hand under my sundress, and tore my panties off, almost angrily.
you smiled at me before ducking out of sight.
i quickly removed the dress and settled back to enjoy the soft licking, your firm grasp moving me in rhythm with your tongue.
just as i thought i could take no more, you sat up, and i rolled you back, held you between my thighs, and began the slow ascent to the finale.
we were one.

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