Tuesday, March 02, 2004

oh what a beautiful morning

oh what a beautiful day....
i'm not in oklahoma, nor am i watching it or listening to it.
i'm also not a gay male.
but the corn really is as high as an elephant's eye.
okay, not really, because it hasn't even been planted yet.
but it will be, come fall, bubba.
i wish i had a piece of straw to chew on, that would complete the picture.

so anyway.
have i ever mentioned how much i love getting comments?
it makes me smile, when the sun don't shine, it don't shine at all...
sorry, pearl jam jumped out of my fingers.
but i do love getting comments, so thank you all for participating.

so i forgot to mention that yesterday was "hot guys at the gym" day.
they were everywhere.
and me without my panties.
i had noticed panty lines the last time i wore these pants and i wasn't impressed.
and the thought of working out in a thong was, i'll admit, a little daunting.
(although i did it today without a snag...er, it went fine.)
and i killed my abs and my triceps, back not so much.
so today there were none.
not a single cutie to be MY eye candy.
damn them.
don't they know i can't work out without people to lust after???
oh well.
at least i had a good run today.
and, stupidly, attempting a repeat of the ab workout--owww. not ready.

and seriously!
the sun is shining,
it's in the 50's, and i feel like spring could really be here!!
also, we're at like, ten days til Las Vegas and Metallica.
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckin' A.
i can hardly contain myself.
and the boys are staying at my brother's house so that's a relief.

hubby and I are going to get massages on saturday.
well, if we remember to go...
but i'm really looking forward to it, so i'm sure i wont' forget.
thursday's his birthday so we'll be going to dinner and stuff....
i got him one present, but he reads this sometimes, so i can't say.
it's nothing big, but he's going to be excited.
and yeah, maybe i'll do some more "god i hope these don't get onto the internet" pictures for him.
I am going to straighten my hair that day, though.
in fact, i'll probably do a trial run today and if it looks good i'll post a picture.
i always think i look weird with straight hair, because i'm not used to it.
(did anyone notice i just spelled out "because"??? i don't think i've ever done that on here...)

did anyone noticed how fucking wound up i am????
that's from the run.
i'm glad i have reached a point with the stupid atkins thing where i can actually run instead of walk.
cuz it feels a zillion times better.
i feel my heart getting stronger, i feel my lungs working--i feel stronger.
running rocks.
speaking of rocks...
i need to go climbing again.
and yes, i'm aware i have major ADD.
but you can keep your opinions to yourself.

i got another email from a stranger asking me to tell him how bored i am.
yeah, i'll get right on that.
i may be a huge flirt, but only with a guy who gives me something to want, you know?
some stranger?
i don't think so.
and yes, that means i might write personalized erotica for some of you out there if you asked.
but only if i happened to be in the right mood.

my arms are sore from yesterday and tired from today, so typing is becoming a chore...
as soon as i started my bicep workout, i realized it was a mistake to pair that with yesterday's tricep workout.
i should have done legs.
i love my leg circuit.
oh well.
have i mentioned how strong my legs are?
i can't keep my hands off myself sometimes,
just for feeling the hardness of my quads, the ridges of the different muscles coming together...

okay, enough of that.
i added some new links, which are worth reading.
and now i must go eat something carb free.
please continue guessing my husband's name!!!
this is fun. =)

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