Wednesday, March 10, 2004

another beautiful day

hopefully it'll even be a good one.

so guess what i did yesterday!!
i blackmailed a Mary Kay salesperson into going to the gym with me.
and you thought Tuesdays were supposed to be all about taking naps in the sun and eating bon bons.
not this week.
some of you may remember the beginning of the Mary Kay incident about a month ago, if not i'll recap.
in walmart, a girl accosted me, gushing about my hair then sprung her sales pitch on me.
i'm bad at saying no, so i let her come do "the makeover".
surprisingly we really hit it off.
she's awesome!!
we had a lot in common and i looked forward to seeing her again, even though i hate makeup and abhor the idea of mary kay...
oh yeah, and she mentioned she had just joined my gym but was afraid to go.
so she called yesterday to do a "follow up" and we talked about mostly other stuff.
then when she said the whole sales pitch line "if there's anything i can drop off for you, just let me know..."
i said, "if you meet me at the gym on monday i'll buy something!"
she's really excited and seemed grateful to have someone kick her butt into gear.
cuz we had talked about how hard it is to take that first step, and she had said she's so sick of being fat.
like me, hers was adult onset fat ass syndrome (AOFAS).
which i think is harder than if you were just fat your whole life.
okay, maybe that's just my egocentric view...
but anyway.
i'm kind of excited.
and now i get to buy their little skin care package, cuz really, what the hell would i do with makeup???
i have mascara and lip gloss.
is there anything else???

have i mentioned that Metallica/Las Vegas is only two days away???
have i mentioned it?
that's me screaming.
i can't wait.
i seriously cannot wait.
i just got this weird feeling, though.
that i'm not going to get to go after all.
one of the boys will be sick or hurt or we'll run into a snowstorm on the way down or have an accident or car trouble or someone will mug us for our tickets or i'll get trampled during the openers and have to leave........
deep breath.
Lisa, you will see metallica in two days.
chill the fuck out.

i was wearing my mp3 player while doing dishes/housework yesterday and belting out the tunes.
went to the front porch to put an empty milk bottle back in the cooler.
and almost didn't stop singing.
good thing i did, cuz the little neighbor boy was out there.
pretty sure he has a crush on me.
he's 13 or 14, so no, this is not fantasy material.
although, i guess i could write one up where he's older, huh?

okay, time to head to the gym.
wish me luck with the grommits.

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