Thursday, March 04, 2004

today it snowed again

this whole strange thing called spring.
i'm telling you, it always gets me a little riled up.
as the pendulum of weather swings from winter to summer and back again, dozens of times during this "spring", so does my mood shift from elation to depression.
oh well.
i'll just make the most of the warm days and hope it evens out soon.

awwww, who gives a shit???
it's the weather.

so last night my husband's trooper threw yet another belt...
it's sort of in a phase, i guess.
rebelious little shit.
but at least he made it all the way to our mechanic's place, which is about a mile from here, so i just had to pick him up there.
no biggie, really, but it reminds me of the days when i always had piece of shit cars (a la the adam sandler song).
and they broke down a lot and it was always financially devastating.
that sucked.
that is reason 412 why i am thankful for my life.

do you know what i noticed the other day?
of course you don't, what a stupid question.
do you WANT to know?
well, whether you do or not, here it comes.
when i drink, i extend my pinky.
are you embarassed to be seen with me now?
it's really weird, too.
cuz i never really knew i did it.
it might just be with water bottles, i haven't completed my research yet...
it's probably because i have such crappy i need all the help i can get??
all it proves is that i'm a bigger dork than i thought.
which really isn't such a big revelation, after all.

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