Wednesday, March 31, 2004

happy mardi gras

yeah, i know.
i'm a little late.
but today was Tuesday.
and I flashed a bunch of strangers.
well, not so much "flashed", and not so much "a bunch of strangers"...
but something about today felt like Mardi Gras.
maybe it was the sexy cajun men wandering around my house offering everyone necklaces.
maybe it was the half naked chicks hanging off balconies over a nighttime parade.
or maybe it was the wine i had at dinner playing tricks on me.
but one thing's for sure:
that pool boy?
daaaaaaaaaamn does he know his way around the bedr-- I mean patio.

had a great "girls night" thingy.
some good wine, good food, and great conversations.
i ate a bunch of sugar without thinking about it, and got the biggest sugar high of my life.
i couldn't stop talking, i felt like i was outside myself and i couldn't make me shut up.
everyone was laughing their asses off, since i'm usually the life of the party anyway and i was in turbo mode.
silly girl.

so here are a couple of Lisa-lives-in-Utah updates...
first: one of the girls i was making out with talking to tonight spoke with one of the Osmonds earlier today, in a work-related incident.
not one of the famous ones, but still.
I sort of figured Boz would be interested in this, as a part of his on-going study of utah and its indigenous people...
second: as i came down from my sugar high, one of the two mormon girls in the group slipped me a couple of prescription muscle relaxants.
and hinted that they're niiiiiice.
of course, she also agreed to my suggestion that we all "get drunk and get tattoos" on our trip to Vegas, so i guess i'll have to speak to her bishop.
in other words, she rocks.

to those of you who showed up for the "boss is out of town" keager--i have two words: go home.
i mean, seriously.
the party's over.
we've been drinking since noon, and my liver's had enough.
and to whoever left that suspicious looking wet spot in the middle of my bed--shame on you.
don't you know house rules require host participation for all sexual misconduct???
not a good way to get invited back, i tell you what!
...but if that roll of film you left on the bedside table is what i think it is...welll, obviously all is forgiven.

i think it's important to note that i am eating popcorn.
this is not as high in carbs as i thought, and since i already blew it by eating fucking peanut m&m's (which do not go well with red wine, by the way...) i figured what the hell.
and it's good.
soooooooooooo goood.
not as good as the pool boy, but good.
and for the record: i don't actually have a pool, or a pool boy.
but a girl can dream.
and this girl dreams in technicolor--dolby 7.1 digital surround sound included.

Have i told you lately...
that i love you?
seriously, you folks out there who read this crap on a regular or semi-regular or bran muffin type regular basis...
i love you.
and not in that slobbering drunk way.
or that sappy romantical way.
not really so much in the "all for one and one for all" way either...
more like the "you make me feel like a natural woman" way.
or the "you guys are all so much better at this and i am amazed by the warm words of praise you offer" way.
now i have the Mr. Rogers theme song in my head.
where the hell did that come from?
guess that's what i get for mixing peanut m&m's, red wine, a protein bar and popcorn.

I am wide awake.
with nothing to do but surf my favorite blogs...
I am watching you.
kinda like santa claus...although, frankly, more like his cousin Jeff--who sees you when you're showering.

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