Thursday, March 18, 2004

Footnote to the multi-tasking issue...

I'm so bothered by my loss of ability that today i attempted to win back the title of Supreme Multi-Tasker.
that went well.
I was:
1. cooking dinner,
2. on the phone with my Mom,
3. finding/scheduling/buying her a plane ticket to come visit,
4. and oh yeah, there's them pesky kids....(throwing tupperware lids around like frisbees...)
No problem.
I'm aaaallll over it.
so as i click "buy this fare" I happen to notice that i've conveniently selected dates and times for travel FROM salt lake TO maine.
so i start over, but it turns out well because we ended up getting her the dates she wanted.
so we had a good laugh...
and then when i was about to enter the credit card info, i noticed that the ticket was in MY name.
my info was saved under a profile and it filled in automatically...
but still.
so it wouldn't let me change the fucking name "at this point in the reservation" so i had to start the fuck over.
well, so much for winning back that title, eh?

oh well.
at least i talked to the neighbor today--she's selling her Harley...
would love to sell it to us...
how many bj's would that cost me?
hubby's not too keen on the bike thing, but he could be persuaded...
we'll see.

time to go pack, etc.
hopefully i'll get a fantasy friday posted before i go...
if not, please forgive me, and instead of reading one, imagine one...
(yes, weak, i know...)

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