Tuesday, March 30, 2004

sitting here watching the--

what the hell comes next??
i want to say "phone"? cuz that rhymes with "this loneliness won't leave me alone" but i'm somehow doubting that Otis Redding would be singing about a phone.


the good news is, my fast-growing hair finally decided to be fast-growing again.
stupid fucking hair.
you cut it and you cut it, and then it doesn't even show its appreciation by growing.

so, my husband is out of town until tomorrow.
anyone wanna come over and play?
jeez, i'm just kidding, don't all trip over each other.
i'm too busy for such games, but i am flattered at your eagerness....
i have a ten o'clock appointment at the gym, and a 3 o'clock appointment with the pool boy for a little "servicing" if you catch my drift, then i have a babysitter coming at 5 so i can go have a girls night out.

I've been watching American Chopper like a crack whore this week.
now that's a reality show.
i want one of those bikes.
went out to get my mail yesterday...
slutty 15 year old next door was in her driveway, smoking a ciggy, talking to two boys.
one of whom looked at least 20 and was reclined on his motorcycle, looking hotter than hot.
i almost tripped over the sidewalk.
hell, i almost walked over, climbed on the bike and commanded him to ride--ride like the wind!! er.. well, not that.
why do they have such power over me???
the last time i rode a motorcycle was a really long time ago, on a hot summer day, with a boy at BYU.
not a very horny-making experience.
he was rather cute, and he had that wild side that i've always been drawn to.
stupid fucking byu.
if i could go back in time, i would NOT go there.
i would go to a normal fucking college--where fucking occurs, even--and have a normal fucking experience.
oh well, it's all good.

sometimes at the gym, i want everyone to listen to my music with me.
so we can head bang together or something...
sometimes at the gym, i want everyone to take their clothes off.
so we can bang or something.
oh, i'm just kidding.
i seriously might be the biggest dork on the planet.
no really--i'm having a poll conducted, through one of the top national phone survey companies, so if they call you please defend me.

and also...
a little while back, i lost my whole sidebar--deleted it by mistake.
so when i put my links back up, i left out a few, and have slowly added them back in.
just discovered another one today and i am appalled, literally self-loathingly disgusted, that i didn't notice it was missing sooner.
just proves that i'm a flake and only half pay attention to anything in my life--real or cyber.
so, go on over and check out the beautiful Axel, and beg him on my behalf to not hold a grudge.

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