Friday, March 02, 2007

The answer is obvious

I am, once again, a housewife.
Not usually.
for some reason this site is calling to me again.
Like the last doughnut from its perch on a sun drenched countertop.
Or a crisp 50 in a smoking pocket.
Or my phone.
No, really, my phone is ringing; hold on.

I have stories.
Bloggable stories!
And yet, I haven't been blogging.
I just wasn't feeling it.
And maybe I'm still not, but for the moment I am here and I'm feeling like writing.
Or whatever.

So a couple of days ago my husband took my Volvo (a.k.a The Vulva) in for its scheduled maintenance (a.k.a I had my period...just kidding, we really talking about the car here!!) and they informed him it was 60,000 mile tune up time AND we were getting new tires.
He walked out of there about $1500 lighter.
I hate dealer service prices.
The cost of the maintenace was $800.
For a maintenance run???
I guess I'm not used to owning a car that's worth the effort.
This one is.
And I can't believe I've put 25,000 miles on it in 10 months...
how the hell did I do that??
oh, maybe it was more like 20, but still.
It does, incidentally, drive like a knife through warm butter now.
I have never stopped wanting to make sweet love to that car, and I am more in love with it than ever right now.

I thought I said I had bloggable stories??
Well, here's one:
The other night we put the kids to bed and almost immediately started going at it like teenagers on meth, and 20 minutes later or so the kids knocked on the door.
We halted activities and breathlessly asked what they needed.
They hemmed and hawed and we let them in and they were laughing and they wanted a drink and maybe a snack and blah blah blah.
They asked us what we were doing...
we shamelessly lied to them and told them that we were just playing tackle and Dad was tickling me...ok, so we left out part of it, but that was basically what was happening!!!
And then Max said, "How can your children sleep if you're playing tackle and SCREAMING???"

I took my husband's wedding band in and had an inscription put on the inside of it.
The jeweler got very serious and said, "You are putting that on this ring?"
I affirmed.
"That is beautiful (still very serious). More people in the world should feel that way about someone."
It was so cute, but I still can't shake her intensity.

I think I had more stories.
Oh well, that's enough for one day.

Tonight hubby is going out with friends so I think I'll play WoW with his ten year old.
Tomorrow night we're having friends over to celebrate his birthday and the birthday of one of the women in the group.
I'm making gourmet pizzas from scratch (I'm big into bread dough lately; don't ask) and an ice cream cake.
Sounds like a kids party until you see the fresh mozzarella and the fanciness of the cake...
I am burning him a (purchased) downloaded CD he was asking for right now.
We're going to go shopping together to buy him some new clothes (and hopefully me, too....I'm such a brat...most of his presents are for me: cologne, toys, tickets to the one-man Star Wars trilogy, The Departed...).
And on Sunday we'll take the kids to see an IMAX movie at the planetarium and go eat smoewhere fun and have cake, etc.
I love birthdays!

Hope you all have a great weekend!