Thursday, April 01, 2004

good morning, sunshines!

It's April Fool's Day, so i feel like i should attempt to perpetrate some intricate scam of a joke on y'all.
too much work.
instead, why don't you play a little game of hide and go fuck yourself?
that's my favorite game, don't be offended.

You should, however, go wish Kat a happy birthday and check out her beautiful self-portrait (warning: birthday suit included)

and You should check out my new little buzznet photo blog thingy.
I haven't spent much time on it yet, and most of the pictures have been previously posted here.
but go check it out anyway, cuz my bloated, overstuffed ego needs a little more fawning over...
(so true.)

Oh, a little piece of business to cover:
As you may or may not know (or care, for that matter!) I am a house member over at The Real World...Blogger Style
We had a house member defect yesterday, so we now have an opening.
we're looking for a guy, since there are so many chicks already.
we were hoping to court Kevynn Malone or Ryan/Muscle68, but rumor has it they're both too cool for school--or for us, anyway.
if you're a guy (or can pretend to be one, i suppose) you should check out the site, and if you're interested, drop me an email and we'll see if you fit the profile...
be prepared for very stringent rules and ultimate tests of character....
or at least we'll make sure you speak english, somewhat...

that's all i got for now.
time to go to the gym.
wish me eye candy and be wary of pranks...

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