Thursday, March 11, 2004

what a shitty week

and i mean that only literally.
after telling my (completely never swearing) mom about all the poo related incidents of the week, she even laughed at that appraisal.
but it's been a good week, just shit filled.


speaking of shit...
i've been writing it in buckets lately.
i'll try to do better, but there are no guarantees.
this is a blog, after all.
(okay, i just re-read that and got this image of a little girl in a raincoat writing the word "shit" on the insisde of her sand castle buckets...)
but i will attempt to leave out the whining, for the next few days at least.

oh, and Belle, one of the two friends of mine who have this url just called me in hysterical tears--after reading your site.
yes, those would be laughing induced tears.
and i said, well duh.
(or something equally witty)
so, to any of you out there who have not added A Sorta Kinda Fairy Tale to your daily reads: let this serve as a lesson to you!!!
read it--or die sad, desperate, and alone!!!
that's right.
it's the key to fame, fortune, love, success, health,
well, it's a good read.

tomorrow's fantasy friday.
and none of you have taken me up on my kind offer to participate.
not like that.
you wanna play out a fantasy with me sugar?
right, like i said, not like that, but on second thought...
nah, not enough time.
i need some inspiration.
a muse.

the pantsless wonders almost excaped again, just now.
then one of them called me Lisa.
but it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
would you be mine?
could you be mine?
hell-oooo, neighbor. rawwwr.
why is everything about sex for me???
just a habit, i guess.

tried on clothes last night...
trying to find the best combination of comfortable footwear and rock concert attire...
aw, fuck.
that makes me old, doesn't it?
comfortable footwear?????
lord have mercy.
well, in my defense i did choose a pair of shoes which are not particularly comfortable because they look so right with the that counts for something, right?
dammit, i'm not old.
i'm not.
i'm not.
i am.
oh well.

just got up to answer the phone.
and as i hung up...
oliver head butted me in the pubis.
good god that hurt.

but just so we all remember how cute my kids are...
this morning max came to my bed and asked if he could get in and snuggle.
since this is my favorite thing ever, i opened the blanket and let him under and pulled him close.
ahhh, baby sweetness.
then he said, "is it fun to sleep with you mom?"
i couldn't help myself....
"well daddy thinks so."

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