Wednesday, September 17, 2003

wooo hooo

Not only should I be awarded barber of the year award for a couple of perfect little haircuts, but I FINALLY made it to the gym. I"m not going to tell you how long it's been, what with one sickness or another, but it's been too damn long. AND I made a picture perfect, melt in your mouth apple pie last night. Good balance, don't you think? heh.

I love this weather. Makes me wish I was home (ha--doesn't everything?) for the hurricane. I know, i'm crazy. it's just that Maine is so far north that it doesn't usually get as much of the brutal winds, but it's really intense and sort of panicky-in-a-good-way. I know, I'm silly. Once, when I was working my high school job, there was a hurricane and they evacuated within a 1/2 mile of the coast. Did our restaurant close? No. Were we less than a city block from the crashing waves? yuh. was it FUCKING AWESOME???????? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, yeah! Some poor drenched sailboat travellers came up and sat drinking coffee, watching out the windows as the winds and waves beat the shit out of their pretty little boats. that was sad, actually. but what a bond......anyway, that's how new englanders are--tough. you don't close the damn restaurant just for a hurricane. please. in fact, life doesn't stop for much there. they used to call my dad Hurricane Bob because he would go out to haul lobster traps in near hurricane conditions, and all through the winter he would use those traps to catch crabs--instead of sitting inside drinking away the summer's earnings. and let me tell you--winter on the coast of Maine--(hold on, have to go get my down jacket just to talk about it...) only a pretty picture. not something you'd want to experience 3-D, if you catch my snow drift....anywho. It's supposed to be a long cold winter here this year, so I better start remembering my roots. and buy some gloves. and boots. and a hat. dammit. I hate shopping. (tee hee)

I've been listening to lots of vintage pearl jam lately. the good albums. so, here's the quote of the day:

"Can't buy what i want because it's free, can't be what you want because i'm--" Cordury, Vitalogy Pearl Jam 1994

I loved them so much back when i had time for such things........ah, who am i kidding? i just got too lazy to be a good fan anymore. fuggit. pass me some pie. (and yes, thank you, i would love some punch with that...)

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