Monday, September 08, 2003

goooooood morning

There's a storm brewing outside my window. The wind is whistling through the garage. But all I feel like doing is lying on the couch with a book. not much of a badass today, are you? nope. not today. It's a good day for slippers and a i fucking hate my mouse. i was just typing along, halfway down the page and bam--i erased half of that sentence. well, one word. but still. slippers and a sweatshirt, dammit. that's what it said. and also, my AC is still running. so maybe a smarter/less lazy person would turn off the air and take off the sweatshirt. but that wuold be too complicated. besides, i have no shirt under the sweatshirt and that means i'd have to go find one. again--lazy. fucking lazy. but not lazy when fucking.

HOWEVER I am gearing up for Naked Blogging night!!! I hope you'll all join me.

I had the weirdest fucking dream about Arnold Schwarzenager last night. and an airplane and the end of the world. It was intense. He was holding me hostage on the airplane and I liked it!! (which is weird cuz i actually don't find him attractive) And then I was on the freeway, here, and the sky was all dark, even though it was the middle of the day and everyone was panicking and trying to get away from some impending doom. it was pretty overwhelming. I wasn't scared, though. That's all I can really remember, but it was crazy. Oh yeah, and there were 3 or 4 tornados approaching.

Someone linked a vintage clothing site and I forgot to bookmark it, so if i can find it again i'm going to go check it out more thoroughly. I think I can find it. I also found two potentially interesting sites last night, so I might come back and post links in a few minutes.

god i love jimi hendrix. some pbs show has the opening to Hey Joe playing right now...mmm, i think that's weird when shows do that. it's like, sure that part might sound good--oh, now they're playing stand next to your fire, which makes a little sense for the show, but my original point was, they think no one will know what the song is so they don't have to worry about what the lyrics are going to say? like, they don't play the lyrics just some instrumentals, but if you know the song well, you associate the lyrics with all parts of the song. i mean...hey joe is about killing his woman's lover. that's a great song for a youth-aimed pbs show. am i making ANY sense, whatsoever? Or should i seriously just go back to bed and start over. great. they just played "it's getting hot in here" which they fortunately cut off before the "so take off all your clothes" part....apparently they aren't worried about sending the wrong messages. only me. i'm the only one worried. and i'm actually not even worried. it just reminded me of when they do that and how i think it's silly sometimes.

Like I said. This is a lame ass post. maybe i'll put that on as the title. or maybe i'll just delete it in a few minutes. god i hate my mouse. (I did delete the boring shit. why do i bother getting out of bed? i mean honestly.)

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