Saturday, September 27, 2003

such a follower...

i just had to take the personality test and since i'm an exhibitionist, i simply must display my results. sorry to be such a dork. it's in my nature. i have been fighting it for years, but without much success.

Conscious self
Overall self
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only i must have answered something wrong because i'm the most indecisive person i know. last night i stood in my closet for close to 15 minutes, without moving, just staring. no, i wasn't conflicted on whether or not to come out of it--you bunch of sarcastic pun lovers. I was going out with a friend and wanted desperately to wear sweats or pj's but knowing that wouldn't be appropriate I was trying to find the next best thing--something comfortable yet fashionable and flattering. in other words, a mission impossible. anyway, the point is I ain't so quick with trivial decisions. oh well. i think the rest of it was pretty accurate.

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