Sunday, September 28, 2003

once upon a time...

i had a brain and it functioned properly. If it was still in working order, that would be so nice.


i not only failed to actually link the god of blogging yesterday because i made up my own url for him, but i even misinterpreted his enthusiasm for seven nation army to include white stripes. sigh.

where has my brain power gone? is it off meandering meadows of heather with little bo peep's sheep? Is it hiding in my sock drawer (cuz lord knows i never open that one)? or is it perhaps just hiding around the corner where i could find it if only...if only i had its help? dammmmmmit.

Oh well, what're you gonna do?

well for starters, if you're happy and you know it you could feel free to clap your hands. fuck. why do i BUY such videos for my kids???? not only do they suck hard, but my kids don't even actually watch them. they just insist i play them. then they wander around ignoring the damn thing (cuz they have good taste after all) but won't let me turn it off. once again with the brain power deficiency.

I'm just a bit grouchy today. Mostly because the internet was down all morning and my golfing husband didn't take his phone so i couldn't call him for help fixing it. I know lots of things--like how to turn the server back on when the kids have turned it off, or how to check all the other stuff (bite me) for all the proper blinking lights (double bite me) and i even know how to network our computers together which has nothing to do with the problem but i needed to brag because i was sounding so stupid....but for some reason i couldn't get it working. AND he left the milk out and several cupboards open when he left--and the milkman comes tomorrow* but that was the last of the milk and i'm NOT drinking milk that sat on the counter for 2 hours. gaaaaaawd. why are men so --so--exasperating???? anyway. i had to resort to reading a book. which is my first love, but we haven't been speaking lately, as my mistress the computer has been taking all of my time....why isn't there a better word for a woman's secret lover? anyway. To Kill A Mockingbird is as fabulous as I remembered it. beautiful.

*yes, we have milk delivered. how fucking cool is that??

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