Wednesday, September 17, 2003

A couple of links for y'all

I know, i know. I keep promising to update my sidebar, but who has the time for all those extra keystrokes??? actually, that reminds me. i did this little typing test thing at my friend's house last night and I ended up around 70 wpm. pshaw. I started at 90, but then they were making fun of me and making me all nervous and i kept making little typos. dammit. oh well. i was actually under the impression that i type really slowly, so now i feel better. i guess that means i'm just a slow thinker......well, something's got to be responsible for my lengthy post times........whatev.

So, I almost think someone i know has linked this site before and i never read it, but oh well. It was in my favorite place to discover new blogs--which is the fresh blogs list. it's my compulsion: when i sign out I always scan that list for interesting names, and if i see one (yes, "if" not "when") then i read it and if it grabs me for whatever illogical reason, then i stick it on my favorites so i can link it later. cuz, like i said--who has time for such things??? (that's me, pretending to be all super important and busy.)

Okay, so the first one grabbed me because the title was a bit like mine: bored at work and it turns out she's just a dewey eyed new blogger and i think we all ought to welcome her with some muffins and balloons....or at least go check out her site.

And then later I noticed one called The Church of AAAArrggghhhh and it is some imaginative, fantastically delicious piratey writing. There are only a few posts, but they are long-ish and highly amusing. LOVE IT.

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