Wednesday, September 03, 2003

panties in a twist

That's right. mine.

Long story but here's the gist: some guy badmouthed some girl and another girl stood up for her (these are bloggers...) and another guy started badmouthing the second girl and i made one little comment and got dragged into it. i knew i didn't want to--i hate conflict. but he said a 15 year old kid deserved to be shot and stabbed, by assuming that because he might be of color and live in nyc that he's a crack dealer. that's just plain ignorant. so then he ripped me apart saying that i should get off my fat ass and stop eating bon bons and watch the news so i would know what's going on in the world and get off welfare, etc. HUH?????? the only reason i'm mentioning this at all is that it's bizarre that he would jump to such misguided conclusions. (first about the boy who was attacked, second about me). now, i can't say if that boy was hanging with disreputable people, but i AM pretty damn sure that he himself is from a decent, loving family and is not a crack dealer, but a good kid. however, like i said, i don't know so i couldn't really defend him. BUT i do know for DAMN sure what my husband's income is, and what our fucking white picket fence looks like. OURS. he accused me of not watching the news. well, as i said yesterday, i don't watch a lot of news. i read AP and Reuters stuff on the web, however, and that's how i stay informed. AND whether or not i actively pursue the news of the world around me has nothing to do with my ability to feel compassion for a 15 year old relative of a cyber-buddy, for christ's sake. see my panties? they're most definitely in a twist. and i'm hungry. and it's morning. what the hell am i doing??? i should be eating, or at least sleeping. bon bons. Nice stereotype. anyway. just had to get that off my chest. i'm not going to link the dude, because i realllllly hate the idea of bickering back and forth. besides, i kind of like his site so i may end up linking him later, in a good way. IF he'll accept the fact that he made incorrect assumptions about me. *update* he apologized, although he said those things intending them toward my FRIEND which he didn't retract, so that's not really good enough.

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