Friday, September 19, 2003

Well, today I proved my theory wrong about working out after a night of crappy sleep. I thought it would suck. but it didn't. it woke me right the bloody hell up....after about a mile of painstaking a slower than usual pace...but hey--better than laying on the couch, right? and now i feel like a million bucks. well, 50 and change, at least....

just bought the GREATEST little jacket. i think i'm going to seriously have to find a way to make sweet love to this jacket. it fills my soul with the song of a thousand nightengales..........

okay, kids are napping, time to go shower. anyone want to join me? i'm serious, I just installed a shower cam. what?

okay, so i tried to download a picture of a chastity belt, but it turns out that's actually a rather popular sexual fetish--who knew? oh well. that one was way more fun. looks like my newly forming church has a nemisis....=)

okay (did you notice i started the last three rather short paragraphs in a row with "okay"? i bet you did. yer kinda bright that way). anyway. where the fluck was i? hmmm. nope, it's gone. right out the window. i bet it was something really important, too. or at least interesting. or mildly amusing. okay, i'm not SURE it was any of those things, but i imagine it was probably better than THIS.

well, i hope you all have fabulous weekends and i am already looking forward to monday when i can tell you all about the hilarious hijinks and, most likely, kinky stuff that happens on my weekend getaway. neener neener.

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