Thursday, September 11, 2003

Huge letdown

I'm glad the first show kicked ass, because tonight's was seriously lacking. Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon with cool visual effects at the planetarium. Could have been mindblowing. Wasn't. You know it's bad when I was coming up with things they could have done differently. The first show we saw (a couple of months ago) was perfect. The visuals reflected the audio, the visuals kept time with the audio....this one, was just off. There were a couple of times when it went black for several seconds longer than was comfortable, too--seemed more like glitches than on-purpose...oh well.

On the upside...we went to one of those Brazilian all you can eat meat places. very tasty. Husband seems grouchy now. Too tired....

so those of you in blospot land--how bout these great new features, eh? we got spell check, save draft and the ability to change the time and date!! woo hoo! that last one is perfect for what ii'm using the drawing board for. see, i really just wanted a place i could link to, but i can only figure out how to link to an archive page which means weekly...soooo, with that feature, i can put stuff i want to post there at weekly intervals and link it just fine. if that made any sense to you--god have mercy on your soul.

well that god damn deadline i was all in a tizzy to meet got pushed back by a week. glad i sweated over it.

okay. time for bed. suckers.

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