Friday, September 05, 2003

what is this, panties in a twist week?

i mean, seriously.

I hate nothing more than when I click "post" and watch said post vanish into thin air. fuckity fuck. and then my kids unplugged the server, so my internet vanished a few minutes later as well. and wouldn't come back up. even though my stupid wireless card said it was connected to the network. what network, fatty? if YOU'RE connected to it, why can't i open a frickin' browser??? (sorry, had to throw in a frickin cuz i might have used all my "fuck"s for the day. oops. over quota. you don't even want to know what they charge for going over the limit. it's worse than roaming over limit minutes on a cell phone.)

okay. so that deleted post was several hours ago, and i'm still sick (and tired. and tired of being sick. and sick of being tired....yeah, i'm a huge geek.) anyway. so i don't think i'll remember much of it. but here's my best attempt. oh, and if i forget, remind me to start working on one of those cheesy lists of "100 things about me" because for someone as all-consumingly self-centered as I, it's sure taken me a while to get around to it.

So, last night i went to hang out with my friend B, and our dear old friend Davey Crockett (a.k.a Davey Jones) and it was a great time. well, honestly i felt rather puke-ish and explosive in the gut region all night, but the company was good. The nicest thing was when Dave walked in and said, "You're skinny as a rail!" cuz he hasn't seen me in a couple of months and apparently i've trimmed up a bit since then. and are those not the sweetest words a girl can hear? better even than those pesky "i love you"s that most are so fond of. so i offered to make out with him, or at least with B., but he politely declined, as he is still, in fact a willing participant in the myths of mormonism. (which i knew he would, or i would have never offered!!) ooooh, and also, when we walked into denny's later (because as lame-ass as denny's is, when you're with friends like those it's the laugh factory itself and it's a place you can be as obnoxious as hell and act drunk without anyone noticeing or caring) two rather more musclular than necessary but handsome nonetheless men check us out. that's right. both of us. not just B, who really IS as skinny as a rail (or moreso, in all honesty) which has only just started happened again after my extended visit to Fat-Ass Land, these past couple of years. sweet, sweet thing, getting "the look".

okay, so the evening was fun. we ended up driving out into the far reaches of the desert, behind the lake to see a guy that B. has dated. and i approved. we had lots of laughs, as usual, and missed our 4th usual. damn his wife. i'd put her name, but i can't for the life of me remember exactly what it is or remotely how to spell it. anyway, we had fun anyway. i told someone to "step off" which was great fun, because i have neither heard nor used that phrase in at least a decade, and i don't think i ever used it seriously........I told dave about my plan to infiltrate the byu campus and convert people to a life of free love, at which he laughed. then said the second nice thing of the evening, which was that I (lisa) respect other people too much to actually do something like that, i respect their choices. i don't know, it was just nice. sometimes i forget that i'm a good person.

So, it's the summer of neverending concerts, apparently. The Mr. Housewife (err...the dude who makes it possible for me to be such, at least...) is going to 3 Doors Down tonight. i declined to go, as i am still slightly ill and the kids are not sick enough that i would stay home just for that, but not in a perfect state of health, etiher....but now i'm regretting it, and might call our trusty babysitters and just see if one of them is free tonight....cuz damn i'd like to put on something slutty and go get sloshed!! hee. the hubby would sure appreciate it, too. dunno. want to take a nap first....god i'm old. eek. fitness model sister in law just called and said she wants to go to the show tonight so the babysitter race is on. one of my two babysitters is free but has to run it by her mom, and the other is, i need to find another babysitter or call my mother in law... cuz now i have more reason to go to the show.....except i can't really go too slutty because she's A. frickin gorgeous so i'd feel totally dumpy and fat no matter how good i thought i looked...and B. she's still mormon enough that i might feel, well, slutty if i went too slutty. nice vocab, Lis. kay. wish me luck.

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