Sunday, September 14, 2003

well, well, well

It's been one of those just plain great weekends. you know? We drove up to Squaw Peak yesterday, which is a lookout point with a view of the whole Utah Lake/Utah valley as well as Mt. Timpanoogas. We hiked around on the trails up there for a while and all the boys LOVED it---woo hoo!! I could probably even attempt some hikes without another adult present........what's that i see? a light? at the end of the tunnel? yeah, baby. I hate not being independent, but having two babies at once sort of put a damper on that. sucked. anyway, it was really nice.

Who wants to hear more about my ever-trashier neighbors? someone spray painted "M---- is a fucking bitch" on their garage door in huge letters, referring to the 15 year old daughter...nice. I mean, I'm not saying she's not one, but still. I hope they get caught and have charges pressed. I seriously am old, because i worry about having someone like her as a neighbor. this is such a quiet little stepford-esque neighborhood, it's almost worth it just for the added touch of life they give the place, you know? I finally read The Stepford Wives, by the way. Because i was sick of only being vaguely familiar with the reference. It was good. And in the movie, Julie Kavnar plays the lead wife. It was sweet. she was much younger, uh--duh...the movie was made in the 70's or maybe early 80's i think, so i guess we were all younger. you dumbass, lisa. anyway, i didn't know she was in it, but i heard that voice--Marge! I cried, Marge! It was funny. Uh, anyway. For those of you who may not be familiar it's about a small town in connecticut--stepford, to be exact--where every wife stays home and seems perfectly content, nay--thrilled--to be doing laundry and cooking while looking perfect all the time....turns out they are being controlled by a radio tower thingy. it's awesome. i want to do that to byu campus...only i'll make them all be nymphos. fuck yeah.

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