Saturday, September 13, 2003


So we checked out tickets to the aerosmith-Kiss show this morning, when they went on sale. Not good. We decided they're not worth 250 bucks to us. even though one of them could very reasonably keel over at any moment, ending forever our chance to see them perform live, as whole bands....they're so damn old. s'okay. they're playing the Delta Center (which is where the Utah Jazz play) and i hate that arena. passionately. desperately. with a ferocity to match the hate i feel for Utah itself, give or take a few watts. So, it's probably for the best. I wish it was just Aerosmith and I wish they were playing our new outdoor arena that I am so in love with this summer. Oh well. I was never much of a Kiss fan. They were enough before my time that I somehow missed that craze....I know, I know. Led Zep was a wee bit before my time too. That's different.

Okay. Time to go make the most of a beautiful Saturday. I'm sure i'll be back soon.

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