Monday, September 22, 2003

cookie monsters

a matched set of cookie monsters is what i have. the cookies are probably so good they're worth all the crying, but still. when i say two cookies, that's what i mean, god damn it.

you's nice to be grown up, sometimes. like, when you want more than 2 cookies. or when you want to stay up all night. or when you have to do all the dishes and laundry and....wait, no. wrong list. i guess i couldn't think of very many things that are nice about being an adult. fuckin sucks sometimes, frankly.

got bit by the evil cold/flu pixie. so far just a headache and a scratchy throat--which makes my head hurt every time i cough...and achy all over. lame. being sick is stupid. being sick is for the weak. i am not sick. i am not sick. i am not sick.

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