Tuesday, September 02, 2003

oh yeah and another thing!

i found the funniest blog ever, although as it turns out, it's supposed to be....and there was someone else i wanted to link, but i can't remember right now. a girl. who wants to write a novel. who posted some kick ass sex excerpts....dammit. i'll remember, just hold on. i knew i'd find it! yeeee haw. this chick is cool. Glorifying the Horifying is the name of it, although i like the url better....anyway, check it out.

WEnt back to Dillard's yesterday. spent even more money than the first time. but that's NOTHING compared to my brother in law who also went twice. the first day he bought 12 pairs of SHOES and the second day he bought 10 MORE pairs of SHOES. and he's not even gay (believe me, i asked him). i mean shit. dude! seriously. that's more pairs of shoes than any man ought to buy--in his lifetime, let alone one weekend. yes, yes, i'm just jealous. i didn't even make it to the shoe department...and i'm regretting it. anyway. my closet is overflowing and overjoyed--as am I (overjoyed, not overflowing...).

aren't you glad i am not able to upgrade to stupid blogger pro because they are not offering it right now? because if i could post pictures, i would probably post pictures of all my new clothes. i have told you all before that i have no life, and i continue to prove it to you. sad, pathetic. I had forgotten what a shop-a-holic i used to be. the itch is back. the fire. but it'll be okay because the Mr. keeps me on a tight leash. what a rush, though. and mostly because everything i bought was perfect. even the pair of tommy jeans which could not be any more gorgeous and perfectly cut, which were about a half size too big so i threw them in a hot washer and now they're exactly right. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. i'm in serious need of help.

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