Thursday, September 04, 2003

nail polish incident

So i thought it would be fun to actually clean off my 17 half-coats of toenail polish and start over--with a new color even. I know, I know. this is too exciting for words, really. tough. read it anyway. so all was going well, until my skinny twinny asked to hold the polish. i said no, but since they don't listen he grabbed it from the counter anyway. and promptly dropped it, spilling it in a beautiful aerial pattern all over my bathroom wall, door and floor. faaaaaaaack.

so i was reading through some old posts today, looking for a link that i thought would be helpful, and found some good stuff. unfortunately, the link ended up being in an email and not very helpful at all. oh well.

now all of my tupperware/rubbermaid/etc lids are being tossed about like frisbees. should i MAYBE consider interacting with my children instead of making sweet love to my computer all day? (and yes, i meant that figuratively, you grubb-os.) Oh, look, they've figured out how to climb onto the kitchen counters without the aid of a chair. good. i was hoping they'd figure that out. okay, they are now locked into their high chairs with a grilled cheese sandwich. sweet freedom.

sure, now they're quiet i have nothing to say.

going to hang out with my friend Becky tonight and our old friend DAve. it used to be mike and dave and becky and i--best buds, hours and hours of laughing....then everything fell apart. becky got a boyfriend...then i got a boyfriend...then mike went on a mission...then i got married...then dave went on a mission...then becky got married....then becky had a baby....then i got pregnant with twins....then the boys returned from their stupid ass (i mean swell) missions (for the lds church--so the answer is NO, i dont' hate ALL mormons...) and as you can imagine, it's just not the same. oh yeah, then Mike got married and his wife doesn't like us so we don't ever get to see him. that's okay, though, cuz when she got pregnant i used my special powers to curse them with twins. Ha! that'll teach her. do NOT mess with me. we all look back with such an aching fondness. it was a perfect symbiosis, you know? we all just made each other laugh (okay, so mostly the boys made us laugh) but still. it was the golden years, truly. sigh. sometimes we smuggle mike out of his prison and we get one brief, shining moment of the "good old days". sigh. growing up sucks blue whale balls.

well that didn't last long. they each ate exactly 1/4 of a sandwich. but now they're playing quietly with some trucks. in case you're wondering, i really do play with my kids a lot. they are silly and sweet and i love them to absolute oblivion. but they have each other to play with, too, so i take advantage of that and write sometimes. ahem. no, i'm not feeling guilty. i'm not! god damn it. yes i am, so now i have to go.

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