Saturday, September 06, 2003

thoughts on concert going

That's right. The babysitter came through at the last possible moment and i got to go to the show. And can i just start by saying, swearing an oath, in fact that i will NEVER attend another concert without my brother in law. See, we got decent tickets from a scalper, 20th row, floor. fine, okay, whatever. Guess where we ended up, yet again? that's right. the frontest of the front row (i know that's not a word, but it works, right?). There is NO other way to attend a concert than in that crush of people and leaning on that cement wall. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.............pure heaven. And HE makes it happen. Does it matter that i only know a few of 3 Doors Down's songs? The same ones that everyone else knows, from their incessant radio play? erm, no. it doesn't. Does it matter that i was surprised at the way the band members looked, which made me realize that i had never even seen a picture of them? nah. Does it matter that i was screaming like a 13 year old at a new kids concert? ahem, well, let's not talk about that. They were great, though. Solid playing. oh yeah, and seether was their 2nd opener and we missed all of the 1st band (don't even know who it was) and most of Seether, but what we caught of them was great, too. They did a cover of that recently released Nirvana song "you know you're right" which i LOVE LOVE LOVE, and it was cool to hear it live since, well, obviously... and after the show, the bro in law was doing his typical stick around and try to get drumsticks or picks or whatever and we left, but as we circled around the back of the stage, heading toward the parking lot we saw the band signing autographs and taking pictures with fans and stuff. and of course, the bro in law was there. getting autographs and the drummer said to him "hey you're that dude from the front row--you were totally rockin out!!" and i was sad i missed that.

So I started thinking about it and it's really too bad that i didn't have this pipeline to the front row back when i was wildly passionate about lots of bands. i mean, i still get a rush from it and it's fun, etc, blah blah.....but, man. i remember that feeling. going to show just filled with excitement that "oh my GOD they're going to be there in person!!!" and being filled with some unfounded hope that you might get to see them up close or meet them or something. but of course, i was always in the 30th row of the arena part, not even on the floor and the band was a flea circus below........oh well. Now i have a goal. I WILL see pearl jam from the front row. i think my heart just skipped a beat. i mean fu-uck. i will probably get kicked out by security for trying to climb onto the stage or for throwing my granny panties at eddie. (no, i don't actually wear granny panties, but i feel friggin old, and i love that phrase.) or at least i'll probably try to send him e.s.p. messages that i am way cooler than his damn wife....yeah, i know. they're not even on tour right now. and they haven't been to utah since the last time i saw them which was 5 years ago. that was a GREAT show. they are so amazing live. i wish they were still putting out gooooooooooood albums. wow, listen to me--i'm a walking thesaurus: great, amazing, good. wow, what a vocabulary.

my kids are so damn cute. way cuter than yours. especially those of you without kids.

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