Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Dammit, I'm supposed to be working

But that's just no fun. OKay, actually, it is kind of fun. However, I'm addicted to this sweet little page so here I sit.

I would like to thank Boz for initiating Naked Blogging night, as it was a family favorite around here. I would also like to heartily thank both Boz and BeefJerkyGood for adding me to their respective sidebars... I'm betting they both expect I'll start posting naked pictures soon and want to get in on the ground floor...(and have some love in the elevator?)....but they'd lose that bet, ma fren'. Well, maybe. Anyway, one of these days I'll get around to rearranging my sidebar as it is in desperate need of fresh meat.

So how'd you like that fairy tale ending to "For Sex or Crack" last night? I give em a week.

Tomorrow night we're going to the new planetarium to see another tripped out 3-D show. This time it's all Pink Floyd. I sooooooooo cannot wait. If I knew anyone who still kept the p-o-t around, I'd probably try to dip into that. On second thought, no I wouldn't. the thought of feeling all goofy walking around looking sophisticated just doesn't sit right. I do get to wear some of my fabulous new clothes from last week's shopping spree, though. And that is the best part of all. I can't wait to see these friends, either. Ahem. I seem to be giving away my secret. OKay--fine! I have not been left entirely friendless. it's just that all of my closest friends moved away. the people i love the most. damn them to everlasting hellfire with a glass of water just out of reach. But on the upside, Friends premieres in 2 weeks. And i have a new friend who is TOTALLY going to hook me up with some South Park episodes, I just know it. I can feel it. Nay, I can smell it on the air like the highly unpleasant odor of a paper mill. Which, by the way, we have several of in Maine--land o' trees. And for those of you who have never smelled a paper mill--don't. If anyone says, "hey, joe, i'm glad your head cold is gone, let's go on a tour of that paper mill." make something up. lie. fake an illness, a death in the family--hell, instigate a death in the family for all I care, just don't go. Unless your head cold returns--and you're stupid. (also that last sentence is a great example of your/you're--the proper use of each).

and god, would somebody kill that puppy? i can hear a puppy yipping incesantly somewhere nearby. maybe it's not a puppy. maybe it's my subconcious reminding me that i'm supposed to be working...and if i'm working i'll have headphones on and not hear the little git. So i guess, either way--I better get to work. Project's due tomorrow. it's only 7 hours of work, but i've had 2 weeks to do it. don't even start with me. I know bloody well i'm a procrastinator.

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