Monday, September 29, 2003

sometimes it's fun to be a housewife

and today is one of those days. I have some gorgeous dinner rolls rising--so melt in your mouth wonderful that they should be considered dessert--and a chicken slow roasting with just the right seasonings....and potatoes boiling for mashing....and the chocolate chip coconut cookies i made last night will go nicely for dessert. mouth watering. Simple pleasures are so sweet.

and the kids are napping.

that could very well be the greatest thing to happen in a week. they don't usually nap anymore. aaaaaaaaahhhhh.

I found an adorable site today called Big Boned Girls. there are several authors, but they all seem ruther cute. (sorry, had to de-link that....upon closer inspection they bugged the crap out of me with their "wid" and "nuffin" and other fake words. fuck fake words.)

And then I found one by the editors of a magazine which is very nice so far....haven't researched the entire magazine side of it yet, but the blog is cool.......did i just say cool? i guess that proves that i'm a huge dork. oh well.

better go get the kids up so they'll sleep tonight.....but first, i added a little more to that story from the other day.

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