Monday, September 22, 2003

as yet untitled

yes, the weekend was grand. beautiful weather, good times. a bit of fall foliage, north of here made for a nice scenic drive. practiced my golf swing....started doing rather well--almost ready to hit the course!! I'm kind of excited for that, frighteningly enough. OOOHHH!! AND my anniversary present was a new and improved mp3 player. I loved the one i had, but it needed more memory and an armband--not to mention i dropped it once and the battery compartment's cover got broken so i've been using tape to keep the battery trashy! my new one is perfect. until next year when i decide i need to upgrade again...=) so if anyone has any really fast paced rock songs to recommend, i'd appreciate it. i need some fresh tunes.

what else? um, we enjoyed the pool and hot tub at the hotel, we ate lots of yummy food....I guess i won't go into detail about the movies we bought....or the movies we made....but I could tell you all about the trip to fred meyer for batteries and 8mm tapes which turned up some peanut free "soynut butter" for my peanut allergic son. hey--that was really exciting for me, shut up.

so it's premier week. and i'm actually kind of excited--maybe because there's a chill in the air and i'm permanently exhausted lately. I'm full of joyful anticipation for a few select shows, but i'm sure i won't end up actually watching any of them since i seem to be allergic to tv lately. and that's okay by me. just weird.

here i go to attempt to update that nagging sidebar........

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