Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I hate local news

And it's not just because they're a bunch of mormon geeks. but partly.

what's better than my kids taking a 3 hour nap? i'm asking you, what? not a damn thing, that's right.

yeah, they're telling us for what they think is the first time that utah has a meth lab problem. holy shit people. i don't even watch the news and i knew that 3 years ago. and no, it's not from personal experience, you smart asses. that stuff's creepy. but it's on the news every other week, so i don't know why they think we don't know. literally, the reporter just said, "many utahans are not aware of the meth problem we have in the state." well, only if they've never watched tv.

what else can i bitch about today? cuz i'm feeling bitch-ay. nah, i got nothin. it's hot as fuck in my room right now, though. or maybe that's just my fever setting in. i'm heading for my own pukefest. pray for me. and read my drawing board once in a while. i put a story there. remember, rough drafts, rough drafts.

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